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nnnaaavvvccc : Okay so apparently Japan passed a bill that basically banned "Lolicon" and I was wondering what are your thoughts?

My thoughts are this..

I honestly don't see the big deal of lolicon to a certain level.. Now I am wondering your thoughts, REAL thoughts nothing trolling or being ignorant. This isn't a perverted question just purely wondering. Men are genetically programmed to go after younger women. 14-20 are the basic ages, now I do believe acting upon those urges are wrong ( ages around 14-16 ).. Most men will not say " Yes I find that 14 year old, sexually stimulating." But, even though they wont say so. They truely do. It has been proven that men are attracted to them still, even if in todays world its TABOO and morally wrong.

It use to be that when a girl turned 14 that its time for them to marry off and start their life as a woman. Now its 18 which I really do understand. At that young of age its not right for them to have sex because of their mind not being fully formed and women are not ready ( their body and mind ) to have a child till their mid-twenties.

Now, Lolicon.. (manga/anime art) I believe shouldn't really be against the law. I myself don't really watch or read any of it. But people do enjoy it and I understand. It isn't real little girls/teens.. Its not like its child pornography. Its drawings.. I believe nudist are worse. They let actual people come in and film their children and set it up as a "Documentary" and that makes it no longer child pornography. So why punish the people who enjoy the art? But keep nudists/filmers? Lol.. I just don't get it. NOW I do understand when its like.. 0-10 year olds in lolicon.. Now that is kinda a no no and shouldn't be allowed. But its natural to be sexually attracted to younger females.

Anyways What are your thoughts? Serious Answers please. Nothing sick and perverted, nothing rude, nothing graphic. Just your thoughts. Thank you for your time and answers.
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JohnMalkovitzch : "Men are genetically programmed to go after younger women" I don't buy this.

"Most men will not say " Yes I find that 14 year old, sexually stimulating." But, even though they wont say so. They truely do. It has been proven that men are attracted to them still, even if in todays world its TABOO and morally wrong." Some yes, but i doubt the majority of the male population is into 14 year olds if they are 30 or 40 or so. I don't really know where you are getting your facts from.

As much as I hate lolicon, I don't think it should be illegal. It's too easy to say "Oh she just looks 10 but shes really 18". When it comes to manga, where the bodies are simplified into simple shapes and lines, its ridiculous to expect a girl to "look" a certain age. Let's look at the Olympics for example, no one could prove or disprove those girls ages, and those were REAL people, you may be able to guess CLOSE to a persons age but when there's a small gap of 8 years and you're comparing real people to manga, its impossible. It's ridiculous that now artists will have to have their characters dictated how they look just because they dont "look" old enough. It's just some lines.

Is lolicon weird? Yes.

Should it be illegal? No.

is this law stupid? Unbelievably so.
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NathanaelXM : Ok so my soon to be ex wife and myself are splitting soon. We've haven't been getting along that well for a while and she has been on my back for being between jobs for the past few years. We have been married for 17 years and have a 15 year old daughter.

Anyway, one of my friends friends is getting married and I heard they were all going to Vegas for the bachelor party. I asked him if I could come but he said they were all riding up there together and that their car was full. Anyway I figured I'd surprise them and follow them up there and meet up with them.

My wife won't let me have access to her checking account but I figured since I did have access to our daughters college fund I could withdraw that, place it on black on roulette, double it, then deposit it back, and gamble with the other half.

Unfortunately when I bet on black the roulette wheel hit green and I was out $40,000. Anyway my wife found out about it today and I confessed and now she wants a divorce and is saying she is going to take me to court for blowing our daughters college money? Can she legally do anything to me? It's just as much my money as it is hers.
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zocbystvp : This can't be real.
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Gufabeenvef : Depends on the state, but the answer is probably yes.
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Creweemaima : This might be funny if there weren't legitimately tons of degenerates out there who gambled away their children's and spouse's savings.
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SpovaInnope : Oddly enough, while your wife may not be able to, your daughter can.
AND, as you have now established yourself as unreliable and a questionable parent,
you wife can now hold all the cards in court when your divorce comes up.

You have screwed yourself over again only know there is proof.

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fodazi : my grandpa is 65, and he need a insurance to cover his funeral costs with covering a child in the family, or covering travel costs. NOT travel insurance.
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AdupsMund : You haven't explained it properly!
Your Grandad could take out a life insurance policy, but it may not cover the full cost of a funeral - that would depend on how long he lives and how much he pays each month.
The rest of it doesn't make any sense - you need to explain exactly what you mean.
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Unsuctict : My friends and i are doing the 40 hour famine this year and its THIS WEEKEND!!!
We still haven't raised any money. :/
We need quick and easy fundraising ideas.
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