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hhhdddttgkju : It's a place in the 2nd gen games after you surf to Kanto, right East of New Bark Town. I heard of where Echo Falls comes from watching Little Bill but where does this Pokemon place come from and what does Tohjo mean and what language is it from?

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advagemyham : You are considering two mutual funds for your investment. The possible returns for the funds are dependent on the state of the economy and are given in the accompanying table.

State of the Economy Fund A Fund B
Good 20% 40%
Fair 10% 20%
Poor -10% -40%

You believe that the likelihood is 20% that the economy will be good, 50% that it will be fair, and 30% that it will be poor.

The expected return for Fund A is ; the standard deviation of Fund A return is ;

The expected return for Fund B is ; the standard deviation of Fund B return is
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intooosl : Before I even explain the problem that I currently have with her. Let me say this before: my mother abandoned me and my brother at 7 and decided to move away and start a new life ( she also emptied out our college funds) after living for 8 years with a single parent (father) she shows up and decides she wants us back anyways a lot happened and now I live with her I was able to put the past behind and get to know her. It's been 6 years now that she's back in our lives and I basically realized that my mother was never ready (mentally) to have kids but is also and incredibly selfish person. I tried very hard to ignore her constant fights but sometimes I have so much anger inside (like now) that I cannot control my emotions. I met a guy who is not only as kind as I am but very respectful and I love him very much. Anyways she has been saying a lot lately that if I am not careful ( I don't know for what reasons) I will lose him and she will have him ( she's 51 btw and we're both 21) now I know that's not possible because he loves me but I am extremely fed up with the constant selfish acts, thought, words that come out of this woman who is supposedly my mother. I love her so much and have tried to make things better because it was hard growing up without a mom but I find myself full of anger and am about to burst!
What is it that would make a woman behave and think so horribly? What would make a woman so heartless?
I have no idea how to deal with it anymore?
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ByncFausaBymn : You are smart and have already figured out the answer. You love her terribly. She may never change but, you have your eyes open and can make a difference in your life, marriage and eventually your OWN children lives. Don't judge her to harshly. You don't know her childhood etc upbringing. Love her for now. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU! Hear her out and if it doesn't fit within your thoughts then pitch it out and do what is best for you. YOU are number #1.. Love yourself, Good luck honey
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csyez016 : Is it possible to move back in with your father? I would ask him, and take your brother with you. But wait, you're already 21? If you are living with her, move out and right away. Stop taking her calls, stop paying any attention to her. It's understandable that you want your mother in your life, but she doesn't sound worth it. Honestly, she sounds unstable. Let go. If she ever really changes, great. But you have to live your life and make yourself happy. The woman is not making your life better. Stop asking why, don't try to figure her out. Just let go.
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EromsMestcems : the only thing you can do is to physically remove yourself from the situation.
if that's not possible, let her know she must respect the boundaries,and not comment about your relationship with your man. she needs to go get some counseling if she wants to continue to have any relationship with you.
being assertive about what behavior you will and will not accept will help you take back some power in the relationship with your mother.
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Appaniadutt : You can't change who and what she is, but you don't have to put up with her behavior either. You shouldn't be living in the same house with her. Whatever your excuse is, move out. You don't have to live in her house in order to have her in your life.

When you get your own place, tell your mother if she wants to be in your life, you better not ever hear her threaten to come between you and your boyfriend (you will lose him and she will have him). Your mom sounds mentally off balanced. I know you don't think this, but it was probably a good thing she wasn't around when you and your brother were growing up.
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Kecysypecrade : shes not a mother...
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smediavevield : If an account holder did not operate his account for several years, were there any states at any time in the 20th century that allowed the bank to simply take all the money and close the account?
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totJintyBoxia : We need financing for our mining business in Nigeria. We will provide all necessary requirements if possible. We have several mines that we intend to develop.
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