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artethybesy : I'm looking at 2bed flats to share with my bro at an estate agency.
Advertised it states a particularly 2bed flat is £200pw, I agree to sign for it.
The agent asks if anyone else will be moving in, I say yes. Her reply 'you will need to pay a further £50pw on top', even though this was not mentioned in the ad.

If I get a 2bed, chances are I will be sharing the space with someone else, otherwise what is the point!?

This extra £50 seems so unjust & I am very angry! As it means we'll now have to find a further £100 each pcm.
The whole reason to share like this & choose that crappy place was because we couldn't afford rent of more than £100pw each and pay bills seperatly.

Do these twats have a right to push up the price on me like that with no warning or legislation to back themselves up?
If not, what can I say to them in my defense?
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Toomadyettasy : Life is going great. I'm just missing one thing. I'll be a senior next year and I really want to get my associate's degree at my local community college. However, my mom doesn't have a college fund so it looks like I'll need a scholarship. Do I sound like I'll be able to get some sort of scholarship? I am currently taking two IB classes, English and History. I either get A's or B's in them. I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up. I do community service once every year. Any thing else that I could do to be a better candidate?
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Effitswes : Recently asked about .357 Revolvers and if they were a good caliber for a Hunting backup sidearm for wild hog. Never went hunting before but am planning a trip to a co workers property where he has blinds set up for Deer but sees Hog a lot.

I am now down to 2 different .357 Magnum revolvers from Taurus, both 7 round cylinders and both good reviews on the net. Mostly asking if anybody has experience with either. This time just asking for opinions on these two models not the caliber anymore.

Tracker is lighter weight and based on the Compact Frame, the 66 is an older design built like a tank on the Medium size frame but heavier by 10 ounces. Both have 4" barrels.

I am leaning towards the heavier model 66 for durability on the heavier frame. $$$ is tight and I am selling a couple guns I don't use anymore to get the funds so I really want to get the right one the first time this go around.

Not just a hunting piece but the main reason I am looking for one right now. Will also be a recreational shooter since I love revolvers at the range.

Thanks for any insight.
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securityua : The 66 in S/S go for it.
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napTynccreecy : Today 6/3 European and Asian equities did poorly but both of my international equity mutual funds in my 401k were up half a percent. How did that happen?
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Annahora : Could be a lot of reasons. In your 401k international
stocks may be from different countries, or different
kinds of stocks,(large medium or small). The amounts
of money invested in certain categories and industries.
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ibwrmcmr : What is the maximum amount of funds you can have in your skype account?
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Hiepzinensake : B
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