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Miztiessy : I am living with my bf for 4yrs. Now, we have a kid and his bringing up bout getting married, in a way i'm flattered but im not sure if I wanna get married again after I paid the divorce bill to get away from unseccessful marriage 5yrs. Ago.....

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Jomupkwenq : I think you should marry him...forget about your divorce
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Skomenelrd : Yes here in the USA its important to be married for you woman because right, or wrong you females win financially. Us men divorced or married are nothing but a money and meal ticket to you women.
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Pusakates : Life is going great. I'm just missing one thing. I'll be a senior next year and I really want to get my associate's degree at my local community college. However, my mom doesn't have a college fund so it looks like I'll need a scholarship. Do I sound like I'll be able to get some sort of scholarship? I am currently taking two IB classes, English and History. I either get A's or B's in them. I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up. I do community service once every year. Any thing else that I could do to be a better candidate?
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ebusxjre : you said: I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up

------ when my son & his friends were applying to college & universities, the ones with 3.75 unweighted GPA often got scholarships while the ones with 3.5 unweighted GPA did not

the kids with ACT scores of 32 did while the ones with ACT 30 did not
the ones with 2200+ SAT did & the ones with 2000-2200 ACT did not

there are some kids with 3.0 GPA that did get scholarships who were phenomenal at something the school found valuable (football, debate team, gymnastics, track, etc......)

look at yourself as a student & consider this question "what do I have to offer as a student.... where I can show any college or uni that I am worth the scholarship as 1 out of 4000 that might apply for it... and that I am passionate and hardworking with my education"

if there are 4,000 applicants & only 1 scholarship..... would you choose yourself? and if so, why? (answer to yourself with honesty)

if not, then find a way to make yourself significantly more valuable
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Nisyventiosse : Being as you should have been aware that you've grown up during an economic recession.
Why is it your mom's fault you don't have a college fund?
Why haven't you done anything to save for your own college expenses?

Due to your lack of hard work I'm not sure what you think you'll get.
Being as straight A students get scholarships, what exactly do you think you'll get?
Why is it that you think you're going to get anything not even able to maintain a B-average?

Once a year community service?
Do you think that counts for anything.
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GokGlarlAbort : Hello everybody :) I am filling an application for drama council of my high school. I am very passionate and I am deeply interested to get in. The top 3 positions I chose are- Treasurer( responsible for managing and keeping track of funds), Publicity (Introducing announcements, posters and fb events for events) and GM liaison (responsible for clearly messages from executive members to general members). I need to write about my qualities and ideas to contribute to make a successful drama council. I am done writing but I need few more ideas to make it perfect :) Can anyone tell me things I need to write about? For eg:- Leadership qualities, responsible, confident, etc
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Brupleglype : I am currently a college student majoring in corporate finance & investment analysis. Currently in a perfect standing academically. I can be very productive in tasks given in school. However, I don't have any achievements out of school; so I am thinking of projects that I can work by my own to improve and develop my know-how for the sake of my future career potential.

Are there any projects or practical ideas that I can start with that could develop my knowledge and make me stand out from the rest of the finance & investment people?

I really can't think anything related to my major.. HELP!
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Weanceencable : Hi yahoo people :)

Today I found a note from my brothers school saying they are having a fund-raiser for sick children at the Gold Coast Hospital and Tweed Coast Hospitals. I definitely want to help those children, so I was wondering if you have any ideas for how I could fundraise money. The money would have to be in by this Wednesday so please help :) xx
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Pakwearce : Make lemonade? A lemonade store and sell them! Or u could make some cupcakes and cakes etc h good luuckso nice
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