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liamnigousnum : I can't turn the phone off and remove the battery. The boss owns the phone and pays the bill but I don't want him knowing where I am 24/7. One solution I thought of was to divert all calls to my own private cell phone and leave my work cell somewhere or place it in one of those 'film safe' bags so it can't pick up the network / GPS. Also I can't hack the software or cause any damage to the phone. Any advice appreciated.

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atrordAttaips : I made a BIG BIG MISTAKE of not prepping for college during my senior year and now I'm seriously confused about what to do. I just applied for only one scholarship and haven't scored enough on the SAT to get into a good university. Plus there's another problem, my family is thinking about moving to another city and if that happens, there won't be any use of getting into a college here. Also I will have to pay out of state tuition too where ever I go. I haven't applied to a university and the only choice left is a local decent community college which also doesn't offer the courses that I want. What I'm thinking is that I take a year off after my high school graduation (which is in a week) and build up my SAT scores and plan about where to go and how to do it. During that time I can also apply for lots of scholarships which will help me through college too. Plus I can then get a job and build up on my college fund. Is this a good plan?

Serious answers only, thanks.
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hiegululnenny : My cat who is 2 years old and is healthy but small and slim
has had 3 litters but the first two had all stillborn kittens. my mom has not been able to get my cat fixed and keeps getting pregnant with my male cat
please don't tell me to get them fixed I know this
I'm going to hopefully after this litter

so my mom has told me she had one kitten last night while I was out but it was still born
and its very obvious shes still pregnant
shes been acting normal and eating and using her litter box
so shes seems okay but when should I start worrying about her
my mom doesn't have the funds to take her to a vet so I'm not sure about getting her checked at a vets office since its around $80

I'd just like to know
when should I be worried?
what should I do to help her?
would it be best to take her to a vet for a ultrasound or x-ray?
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hiegululnenny : Geezus. Give this poor cat up to a no-kill shelter IMMEDIATELY. The kittens are probably dead inside her! She will DIE if you do nothing.

What a LAME excuse for letting this poor cat endure FOUR litters?? You KNOW she isn't altered and yet you allow her around the male. Stop playing the freaking victim here. The victim here is this CAT!!! There's also low cost and even FREE spay/neuter programs all over.

Why are you even asking if she should get an "ulstrasound or an x-ray" when you claim your mother can't even afford a vet visit???

Uggg people like you absolutely SICKEN me! Shame on you!!!
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GokGlarlAbort : Based on her history it would be best to take her to the vet for a check on the pregnancy and while there ask for an emergency C-section/spay. Because she keeps having stillborns there is a problem and to keep getting pregnant is putting her life in danger. If your vet agrees perhaps he can work out some type of payment plan with you and/or your mother.

Until she is spayed or your male is neutered it is unfair to all involved to keep going through this. Do her a huge favor - do not wait any longer. This is very hard on her and next time she may end needing an emergency spay (pyometra) which will cost more and cannot wait.
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jqo8z53fe : I am currently a college student majoring in corporate finance & investment analysis. Currently in a perfect standing academically. I can be very productive in tasks given in school. However, I don't have any achievements out of school; so I am thinking of projects that I can work by my own to improve and develop my know-how for the sake of my future career potential.

Are there any projects or practical ideas that I can start with that could develop my knowledge and make me stand out from the rest of the finance & investment people?

I really can't think anything related to my major.. HELP!

(I am investing in stocks, options, and updating myself everyday w/ the market so please exclude them)
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ivilus : Look into crowdsourced loans. Example: Peer to Peer lending like or They are unique ways of attaining capital for individuals and also unique ways of deploying capital for investors. Perhaps a way you could create a lending group among your peers in school and create a business/project from it.

Just an idea, good luck. Great to see young people thinking outside the box!
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Ubnolermef : are featuring a man doing the voiceover who could lose 50 pounds?
The camera crew is well fed.
They promise to send you pictures of children you have helped but I don't see the spokesmouth or the camera crew sharing food with the starving kids.

Why do Americans fall for these lies?
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Sleeryrub : Hmmm ... quite cynical eh?
Well I do support "Plan Canada". They do exactly what the TV commercials advertise. It's up to the individual to research the background of any charity they want to support.
Plan Canada asks for a mere thirty-five dollars a month and about thirty-four dollars a month goes to the child and his/her family for education, food, medical, and housing needs. It's nothing to me, I don't miss it, but that kid and her family really do need it, they really do benefit greatly for the cost of a cup of coffee a day from Tim Horton's.
I don't miss the money, they will miss it if I stop.
As for the overweight man asking for your help? So what. His health issues are his issues. Yes the camera crew is probably well fed too, but they aren't going overseas to go hungry, they are going over there to work and they expect the same foodstuff they eat at home.
Their job is to produce a viable audio/visual format to present to you and I as a vehicle to earn your trust with your donations. They aren't there to feed the subjects of the advertisement.
You and I cannot save the world, neither can the crew on site save the world. But you and I can help in our own sphere of the world. That's what they want from you. That's what they are there to film for.
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2qot54rt74o : We may not like to admit it, but either God lose the recipe for manna or the atheists are right.
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