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PartVarkBot : i have never seen one before but have several in my collection that are stamped for japan and hawaii and several other countries but have not been able to find anything about this bill can anyone help me? tiggerpool@yahoo

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Hoonorshani : I'm an American Citizens if that helps any. And also can i open a bank account while im still in America and have my fiance be joint on it?
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Noxynerromo : I've been getting calls from a guy who is selling me a licence that makes sports bets and lay trades with tax free returns of 0.5% to 1% per trading day. They have analysts worldwide that help them pick a trade for the day and they claim not to make risky trades. It's also a fully managed fund but they only use 5% of your account to place a trade. I've checked with Scam watch and it's not on their list of scams but just wanted to ask if anyone has used pegasus or knows of anyone that has used it or is still using it.
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2qot54rt74o : I am currently a college student majoring in corporate finance & investment analysis. Currently in a perfect standing academically. I can be very productive in tasks given in school. However, I don't have any achievements out of school; so I am thinking of projects that I can work by my own to improve and develop my know-how for the sake of my future career potential.

Are there any projects or practical ideas that I can start with that could develop my knowledge and make me stand out from the rest of the finance & investment people?

I really can't think anything related to my major.. HELP!

(I am investing in stocks, options, and updating myself everyday w/ the market so please exclude them)
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2qot54rt74o : Im doing a community learning thing in school and since i live i kirkcudbright, we are doing the cochran hall on campus. Also, can u give me details on the opening ceremony, who funded it, what family did he/she come from, where did they live, what bussiness were they involved in, what was the hall used for in previous years THANKS!!!
There isnt a date and our school, the kirkcudbright academy own it. ( i have already asked all the teachers)
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Exteleblerype : it'll probably have a date stone on it somewhere, and the people who own can tell you the rest
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kl_EvroShipping : I just found your answers on Google.
I don't think it will benefit you if I do your school work so why not look it up.
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