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nztjqvbovxna : Is it true that if I am pregnant and I have an emergency, I need to go to the hospital, and I can not find someone to drive me, and i call an ambulance then I have to pay the bill myself?
I live in quebec. please clarify.
what if i in labor and i do not have a ride or money for a taxi?

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ArridoNop : You need to call the ambulance service and find out for sure.

I know where I am from in canada, you have to pay for
ambulance services, and they are not cheap - yrs ago,
it was $700 for a trip. If you have supplimentary
insurance. eg BlueCross through work, ambulance
is often covered
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sxgigifsbsxl : I'm 16,
When my boyfriend and I decided to go out we had been friends for about a year I told him I was bisexual, and he was loving an excepting of it and said he didn't care. HE IS THE SWEET-IST guy in the whole world though!

some things he's done: that makes me feel bad about breaking up with him this is to show you what he has done for me

he found some scientist going to the north pole paid him $50 to bring back a preserved snowflake sample then paid $100 dollars to get it made into a ring saying "this snowflake is like you one of a kind",
fought off an attacker and got a cut from his knife trying to save me, and after-wards he said I have no reason to live without you..
He's fun and mature and never says or dose anything perverted like the other guys.
Really nice and I mean really nice.
Treats me really well
Paid 1 months rent ($1500) for my family so we wouldn't get kicked out.
Gave 1/5 of his collage fund for a surgery I needed on my leg.

I REALLY DON'T Want to hurt him! I know he will find someone else, but its awkward for me when we kiss and its been more like a bond to me. He is sacrificed so much for me, and I feel this is a terrible way to repay him after all he has done. He is deeply in love with me but I realize I only like girls, its been 4 weeks since I have found out, and we've been going out for 1year. I've aslo met some one I like and it needs to end.

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natsupsense : What is the point of adding a credit card to paypal you cant add funds to paypal with a credit card so it seems kind of pointless. I bouvjt a prepaid card to subscribe to a online game I play. But it wont work on the website. But it works on other sites. So I thought id put money into my paypal and use it that way but nope.
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Errollofe : I will not be filing taxes claiming is income. He will managing this himself along with investing in an educational fund and investments. We would like to know how much 'cash' he can keep in order to not file taxes. The overage would be the amount he puts towards a 503B education fund.
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jqo8z53fe : Self employment 399, employee 6100
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Brupleglype : Assuming your son is an independent contractor and not an employee, he must file a federal return if he grosses $400 or more for the year. Assuming he can still be claimed as your dependent, he will not owe any federal income tax until his net income is $6100, however he will owe self employment tax of roughly 15% of his net.
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Halliepaolo44 : I pay for purchases with a debit card and the money is taken almost at once but a further charge has been made of £1.00 to authorize my card. This £1.00 is not actually taken by Tesco but my bank reduce funds available to me until the £1.00 is reinstated. There is no warning from the check out that this is happening. Is this fair trading by Tesco, I am advised by my bank that many retailers do this.. Does it happen EVERY time I use my card at this branch of Tesco.
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