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Ocadevx : Ok I currently pay my own bill on sprint and when I was shocked at how much extra taxes, insurance and things brought my bill up. I have the $69.99 everything data plan and after taxes and such my bill comes to $89.77.

I would like to know what you people pay for your iPhone plan after taxes and everything. And this is with minimal data, talk, text extra. I plan on getting the minimal everything so that's what I'm looking for

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tyncroyaLry : I pay 182 with taxes for 2 iPhones. So maybe around 90 bucks.
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zszoowam : noone loves me or even likes me i havent had an easy life my dad died from a heroin overdose when i was 8 my 23 year old brother has stolen from me my entire life just last week he stole my mobile phone to fund his own smack habbit my mum doesnt even like me because i am bisexual im not close to anyone i get hit and picked on everyday at my school for being different (its a referall unit meaning a school for bad kids) now ive started to hate the world there are people i want to literally kill with my bare hands so i can watch the life drain from their eyes i like the suffering of allot of people i know and i just keep thinking if i had a girlfriend or boyfriend someone who could hold onto and cuddle i would just feel human i keep building up a huge mixture of pain and loathing and fury i just dont know what to do any more i have all this and im only a 15 year old boy
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Shiegephabe : I'm sorry you're feeling lonely and that you've been dealt a bad hand in life. Your negative feelings towards people likely stems from your loneliness. I bet all these negative feelings would go away if you did find someone to share your life with - a friend or romantic interest. The thing to do is make yourself get out and meet someone. It may be outside your comfort zone but if you don't want to be alone you have to do it. As for the bullying at school, have you told anyone in authority? Is it possible to transfer schools and make a fresh start? Talk to your principal and tell him/her you want to transfer. Then if you can, make the effort to join some extracurricular group so you can meet new people. Good luck to you.
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flouspelled : I heard its being broken up ? What's going to happen ? What is the name of the FOX news portion of the company ? Is it a good investment ?
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FelmtemnDiept : My boyfriend lives and works in London, he owns his own business (He's a head hunter) that the best why I can explain it. He wants to invest in a business here in the US for his green card and move here. He says he's getting tired of the work and the risk and wants a change I guess.

He's looking for a good housing market and says Florida is one but I am not to keen on Florida so can someone give the names of some places with good housing markets and businesses he can invest in.

If he finds a business to invest in for his green card and a place with a good housing market then he wants to move here with in the next 18 months or so.


I told him I would go anywhere we wanted to go.

He hasn't made up his mind yet he said it depends on if "He can get a good price for a business and find a good place in the states.
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EasedSokStoks : Investing in a business does NOT guarantee him a green card. You need to learn the laws for immigration.
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Neglesnig : Over and over again.
Like what is a good forex site?
Or how to invest in forex?
Are these little kids?
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Sanyenlaple : All the scams with which you and many US citizens are familiar are emerging in other areas of the world. Heck, many US citizens still believe in the following:

1. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) gimmicks
2. FOREX investing is easy and profitable
3. Investing in gold and silver is easy and profitable
4. Work from home jobs are plentiful and legitimate, if someone would just tell you where to look
5. Fox News is fair AND balanced
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Rachel_Colorado : Forex such type a job if you manage this business well then you will earn a large amount of money in a short time. But it has a high risky condition. If you learn well about forex then you can face to this risk. Otherwise, you can fall in loss. On the other hand india has big forex market so it may happened here.
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