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csyez011 : You know the bill that Republicans blocked in order to get tax cuts for the rich?

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LierCheeprind : Basically, the Government will continue to provide public schooling, but if you and your parents decide to move you out of the public school system to sent you to a private school, the Government will either help you pay for it, or completely pay for it, depending on your income. They do this by sending you a voucher.

Do you support it? Are you against it? And why>
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kneerceskeway : Wow, that actually sounds like something I'd want to do. I'm going to say yay on this one because I think it's a good alternative for people who don't want to go to public school but can't really completely afford private.
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AvedaCleava : Absolutely not. In the event that a private school becomes paid for by the government, that school becomes a public school.

Religious private schools have received waivers in the past, and that is eliminating the church and state separation by funding a religious institution. If you want the government to pay for your education, attend public school. That's why they're there.

It also takes away money from the public schools, which are already in chronic need.
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mehanle : Nay. Instead, the government should use that money and improve the public school system to make it better for everyone.
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Laftzooro : nay.
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NathanaelXM : Ok so my soon to be ex wife and myself are splitting soon. We've haven't been getting along that well for a while and she has been on my back for being between jobs for the past few years. We have been married for 17 years and have a 15 year old daughter.

Anyway, one of my friends friends is getting married and I heard they were all going to Vegas for the bachelor party. I asked him if I could come but he said they were all riding up there together and that their car was full. Anyway I figured I'd surprise them and follow them up there and meet up with them.

My wife won't let me have access to her checking account but I figured since I did have access to our daughters college fund I could withdraw that, place it on black on roulette, double it, then deposit it back, and gamble with the other half.

Unfortunately when I bet on black the roulette wheel hit green and I was out $40,000. Anyway my wife found out about it today and I confessed and now she wants a divorce and is saying she is going to take me to court for blowing our daughters college money? Can she legally do anything to me? It's just as much my money as it is hers.
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zocbystvp : This can't be real.
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Creweemaima : This might be funny if there weren't legitimately tons of degenerates out there who gambled away their children's and spouse's savings.
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SpovaInnope : Oddly enough, while your wife may not be able to, your daughter can.
AND, as you have now established yourself as unreliable and a questionable parent,
you wife can now hold all the cards in court when your divorce comes up.

You have screwed yourself over again only know there is proof.

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