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elsebeth9 : I have a steady job but recently I was in an accident that left me with over 6 grand in medical bills (I don't have insurance). My Experian score isn't that bad, 685, but I don't know what my other two are. I tried applying to Prosper but they said my "Scorex" score from Experian was too low?? It was apparently below 640, I have no idea why that score is so much lower than the one I can check myself.

Anyway, I don't have an issue with relatively high rates. If you can think of any lenders that may take me that would be a big help. :)

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bulapyday : In 1953, our CIA overthrew an elected Iranian government and put in place a pro western dictator, the Shah. We did so because they wanted to nationalized their oil industry. In the 80s, we supported Saddam Hussein against Iran. In 1988, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner, killing all 290 on board. Why should they trust us at all?
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Sleeryrub : Why do they have to trust us? There current President keeps telling any one who will listen all they want from us is to be dead. 3000 thousand dead in 2001. Are you on our side or theirs?
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RoyabyRor : Why do you believe we should wish for Iran to trust us.

Eventually we are going to have to take them out for developing nuclear weapons and that is that.

It is naive to suggest we need their trust.
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Wourryallebra : You forgot to mention that we have drones flying over their country, forced them to go to war with Iraq, in which Iraq used chemical warfare weapons that we gave them, and then funded terrorist organizations in their country. The United States is a threat to Iran's national security.
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xgevcrfz : The Shah also installed the SAVAK - the Iranian secret police who tortured dissenters using Nazi torture tactics taught to them by the CIA and Mossad.
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advagemyham : You are considering two mutual funds for your investment. The possible returns for the funds are dependent on the state of the economy and are given in the accompanying table.

State of the Economy Fund A Fund B
Good 20% 40%
Fair 10% 20%
Poor -10% -40%

You believe that the likelihood is 20% that the economy will be good, 50% that it will be fair, and 30% that it will be poor.

The expected return for Fund A is ; the standard deviation of Fund A return is ;

The expected return for Fund B is ; the standard deviation of Fund B return is
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seettyDoums : My ex and I broke up in April. We had been sharing an account in her name. My pay checks were going into that account over the last year. She worked off and on over the last year and contributed roughly 3000 to the account. I placed roughly 23k into that account. Everything was paid from that account. The night we broke up my paycheck was deposited automatically into the account that day. I went to the ATM and removed the funds remaining.
She called the cops and told them that I stole her money. She advised the police she noticed her debit card was missing the next day, however there were 2 debit cards issued. She never told the police that or that the account was being shared. The officer contacted me and left me a voice mail. I called him back and he was busy on a call and advised me he would call me back. In his report he mentioned he was off for the next 4 days and did not call me. Instead he passed it on to his supervisor who then gave it to the state's prosecutor. They never made any attempt to contact me. When the officer came back on duty he arrested me and I was charged with Grand Theft(felony). I spent the night in jail and was released the next day without bail. I hired an criminal attorney, took a polygraph(passed it), we sent the state all the proof of the account being used together. My ex was hostile to the prosecution and would not meet with them in person. She advised the state that I never used the card or that account and all the money in there was hers. She also advised them that all the documentation that we gave to the state was "crap." The prosecution dropped the charge at the pretrial. In the criminal report she claimed I was physically abusive to her as well. She filled a protection order against me stating the same thing. The protection order was dropped because she told the judge I never touched her, it was her that touched me. So what I want to know is what is the next step? She lied to the cops and the state about everything? I am a professional and almost lost my career because of this. Not to mention the $7k in attorney fees and hard ache in this process. Should I file a police report against her for filing a false police report (so far I have found that she is guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Perjury and filing a false police report). Her family history is filled with physical/sexual abuse. A known family history of Schizophrenia. Any help would be great?
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Reommodeswaks : If a criminal charge is going to be filed against her, it would be up to the DA. Since the DA has all the needed information, a police report would be redundant. You may want to call and ask them about it, however on the criminal side there is not much more you can do.

You could sue her for the amount you spent on the lawyer. if you can prove (which it sounds like you can) that she knew the allegations against you were false, you could recover that money.

However, due to the amount the suit might be in regular and not small claims court. The exact cap for small claims court varies by state. If the cap is over what you are out or close enough you are willing to accept the maximum amount, you could file in small claims court.
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Autobromix : 1. use the elimination method to solve the system of equations a+9b=23 and a+2b=2

2. solve the equation and check the solution. -7(t-5)-(t-4)=7

3. an investor invested a total of $2,500 in two mutual funds. One fund earned a 5% profit while the other earned a 2% profit. If the investors total profit was $83 how much was invested in each mutual fund?

4. use the formula d=rt to find the value of the missing variable. d=99 feet, t=33 seconds

5. sketch a graph of y=f(x) and f(x)=-4x+2

6. determine graphically the x-value when y= -6 in the given equation. -x+2y= -8

7. if a plane can travel 490 miles per hour with the wind and 430 miles per hour against the wind, find the speed of the plane without a wind and the speed of the wind

8. find the area of a triangle with base 1 3/4 yards and height 4/5 yard (hint: the area of a triangle equals half the product of its base and height)

9. use the multiplication property of inequalities to solve the inequality. graph the solution set. -1/9t ? 2

10. if possible find the slope of the line, interpret the slope in terms of rise and run. a) the slope of the line is _______. b) the graph falls ______ units for each 4 units of run.
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