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Enrinueexpess : My sister was 19 and was able to get medical fine and they paid for everything. For some reason I can't get it... She was also living with my dad too. Which is why when they were proposing it they said that I couldn't get medical because I was a "dependent" upon my dad. Did they change the rules/ laws or something? I'm confused and also this kind of really sucks cuz I have no insurance at all don't work or anything.

Is there a way to get medical and have bills paid for after whatever happened? Like is it possible to become not a dependent under my father anymore? I mean... what exactly puts me as a dependent upon him I don't understand that. What if I lived with someone else random for free would I still be a dependent upon them and still not be able to get medical?

Like I was thinking what if I was living with my sister? would this change anything?

Okay well thanks anyone who knows anything and for anyone who helps.
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lisawedding : So why DON'T you get a job and pay for insurance or whatever you need? Are you going to depend on your dad forever?'
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Cleascacy : With the enormous amount of money collected from illegal alien paycheck deductions, wouldn't this be more than enough to keep social security afloat? Especially knowing that they will never benefit from any of their contributions.
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NUAKYPHYDAY : The federal government has been robbing social security funds for over 40 years.
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Madison3528j : That is exactly the problem they are not being handled honestly, responsibly,or competently. If you are paying an illegal alien it is a good bet that no one is deducting anything out of their paycheck that will go to any government agency.
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Maccullam : The SS trust fund, like many public pensions, has been used as a piggy bank by politicians.
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esyez028 : AS long as we keep paying it, it cannot run out. At the worst point Social Security will collect 70% of projected benefits. We could handle those 6 years in a number of ways. After that it runs surpluses to infinity.

Those that say it has been robbed for years - well yes in a way. The surplus that is collected is used to buy treasury bonds and the money is spent. 40% of the national debt is owed to Social Security. Not that different than if the government sold the bonds direct to you and promised to pay them back.
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floasyDrala : Because too many people are receiving Social Security benefits who never paid into the fund. 21 million people each month are getting some kind of SS benefit plus 37 million seniors who actually worked and paid into the fund through payroll taxes. There are all kinds of SS benefits that did not exist 30 and 40 years ago. When the unemployment rate goes up, and fewer people work, less revenue is taken.
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Toomadyettasy : Life is going great. I'm just missing one thing. I'll be a senior next year and I really want to get my associate's degree at my local community college. However, my mom doesn't have a college fund so it looks like I'll need a scholarship. Do I sound like I'll be able to get some sort of scholarship? I am currently taking two IB classes, English and History. I either get A's or B's in them. I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up. I do community service once every year. Any thing else that I could do to be a better candidate?
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enurmouse : Ive recently switched from santander and my wages used to clear between 10-11pm the night before
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