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ArelsPeally : We have a babygirl together. Things have been going bad ever since he lost his job. Were together 24/7 and we seem to annoy each other. None of us really show affection anymore. He blames me for everything going wrong in our relationship even when its his fault. He smokes alot of marijuana daily. And it seems that when hes not smoking specially in the mornings he wakes up in a bad mood. And gives me an attitude. He sleeps in late until 12pm. Doesnt like to take us out anywhere. He pays all the bills but throws it in my face. He recently told me he wants space. Hes good to my daughter but it seems like he hates me, He's very jelous. Theres no trust in our relationship. Its been a week since i left him.. im staying at my parents house for now. I wanted to see if he would care to ask me to come back. But he doesnt. He doesnt even call me to see what im doing or how me and my daughter are. He says he loves me but wont show it. he says i dont deserve to hear it. When i do everything for him cook, clean, and i try to talk to him but he never understands my feelings. Its always about him. Hes so hardheaded. Is this enough to leave him? Ive asked him to quit smoking bcuz i know its ruining our relationship. it really affects his mood. but he wont even try. I love him so much but the fact that he wont show me any love at all really hurts me. What can i do to get over him. This hurts so much specially bcuz of my daughter. I tell him it takes 2 to make things work but he says i have to show him first that im trying to make things better And then he will. But when i do he says its not enough. how can i if hes not cooperating?!

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aoioktoy : the fact that he tells you you don't deserve to be told he loves you shows its over. Move on or be dragged down with him. If you were washed over board in a terrible storm as the ship is sinking would you grab onto the boats anchor?
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jeneIncizeped : Birth Rite Israel gives every Jew (they see "Jewish" as an ethnicity not a religion) or non-Jew with "Jewish Ancestry" a free 10 day all expenses paid vacation to Israel. (The goal is to build a connection with the "Dispora.")

If they can afford to partially fund this, then why are we paying them more than $400 directly in International Welfare.

No one asked who my ancestors were when AIPAC decided to send my tax dollars to subsidize another country's socialist health care program and military budget.

Why is this allowed?
What other "Ally" has been mooching for 40 years?
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Allolacib : we should NOT be
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StoomyTog : The United States gives foreign aid to so many nations that I
can't name them all, so Israel aid is no different, and better
than giving it to places like Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Africa, etc.
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KeteAnaex : Bc Israel is the US's tough cop in the ME.

Nuf sed.
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unondurpidgip : I don't really know why that is but what I do know is that soon they're going to need plenty of aid.
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Sonephede : Birthright isn't supported monetarily by Israel, you idiot. It's funded by private donors.
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Pusakates : Life is going great. I'm just missing one thing. I'll be a senior next year and I really want to get my associate's degree at my local community college. However, my mom doesn't have a college fund so it looks like I'll need a scholarship. Do I sound like I'll be able to get some sort of scholarship? I am currently taking two IB classes, English and History. I either get A's or B's in them. I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up. I do community service once every year. Any thing else that I could do to be a better candidate?
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ebusxjre : you said: I have a 2.7100 cumulative GPA but hopefully that will go up

------ when my son & his friends were applying to college & universities, the ones with 3.75 unweighted GPA often got scholarships while the ones with 3.5 unweighted GPA did not

the kids with ACT scores of 32 did while the ones with ACT 30 did not
the ones with 2200+ SAT did & the ones with 2000-2200 ACT did not

there are some kids with 3.0 GPA that did get scholarships who were phenomenal at something the school found valuable (football, debate team, gymnastics, track, etc......)

look at yourself as a student & consider this question "what do I have to offer as a student.... where I can show any college or uni that I am worth the scholarship as 1 out of 4000 that might apply for it... and that I am passionate and hardworking with my education"

if there are 4,000 applicants & only 1 scholarship..... would you choose yourself? and if so, why? (answer to yourself with honesty)

if not, then find a way to make yourself significantly more valuable
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