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joncooperst : Im purchasing a hundred dollar cell phone with cash, and idk why but I feel like it's odd. I feel awkward handing the clerk a hundred dollar bill or a bunch of 20's
Anyone else do it to and feel the same?

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origneeficigo : I like spending cash money cuz i get it.
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Artfooter : No not weird at all! when you start paying 500 cash then maybe lol
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ordilmida : Not any more. I avoid using credit cards because I think stores are giving information to research firms.
Years ago I bought a fan with a credit card, and within days I began getting emails offering air conditioners. I bought a printer with a credit card, and a few days later my email box was filled with spam offering discounts on ink cartridges.
So now I use cash whenever I can.
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forexnewbiexg : let me just admit I have no experience or am not at all well versed whatsoever in "programming" or whatever the proper term is.

I had an idea for a social media type site, but with what i know now, and what i could maybe possibly learn in the very short term, would more likely than not leave me incapable of building a website/social media interface on my own. This "idea" I had, as far as the interface/overall concept I envisioned would not be as complicated as say facebook or youtube or any social media site like that, but it still would be almost on par with that.

so my question is, If I acquired enough funds, is this something a website development company could just create for me? and i would hire the necessary programmers and staff to maintain the website, in a technical sense?

ps. are there any books you can recommend to me so i can understand how programming works?

as far as starting and running my own social media site, this is something im serious about doing, so im asking for book or general website recommendations so i can know the, proper lingo, and so i can proceed with knowing how to talk and sell my idea to someone. thanks
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WeresocaFarie : something its true.
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aniseeten : Yes a development company could create it for you, although if it is a really good idea and site then you should employ the developers yourself because of the legal implications of one of the developers taking your idea to another company.
As for any books on the subject I have no idea, but I seriously doubt there will be since Social Media site are created by people who have a vision and the technicalities of such a site are closely guarded secrets.
You can get books on programming but you will need quite a few to understand all the technologies required e.g. PHP, SQL, Java, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Oracle, C#, C++, Ruby, Perl, App development, HTTP protocols, TCP/IP configuration and these are just the basics
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atrordAttaips : I made a BIG BIG MISTAKE of not prepping for college during my senior year and now I'm seriously confused about what to do. I just applied for only one scholarship and haven't scored enough on the SAT to get into a good university. Plus there's another problem, my family is thinking about moving to another city and if that happens, there won't be any use of getting into a college here. Also I will have to pay out of state tuition too where ever I go. I haven't applied to a university and the only choice left is a local decent community college which also doesn't offer the courses that I want. What I'm thinking is that I take a year off after my high school graduation (which is in a week) and build up my SAT scores and plan about where to go and how to do it. During that time I can also apply for lots of scholarships which will help me through college too. Plus I can then get a job and build up on my college fund. Is this a good plan?

Serious answers only, thanks.
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camarok : ....Don't you think that could have been taken care of that a little quicker?
Or is it maybe just possible they were talking about Obamacare and taxes and funding for it, since it was ruled a Tax by the Supreme Court the year before?
Or is that just crazy talk.
I'm going with talking about the Tea Party 157 times personally.
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Dumpsypsurf : Since you were there tell us what was said in those conversations.
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