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Graiccaky : This is really bugging me lately. I love musical theatre and I would love nothing more than to either teach voice or to perform in musicals. I don't care if they're on broadway or not, as long as I can pay my bills from doing what I love, I'll be happy. I've gone downhill mentally because of this issue. My job is too good to give up. It's way too important. My biggest fear is going broke and losing my first apartment.....I feel trapped and I don't know what to do about it. Everyone says, "Do both" but I can't because my job is a full time 8 hours, 5 days a week and it's extremely physically strenuous. I'm always too tired to do anything else. I feel like I'm getting old and I'm only 22 almost 23 years old! I shouldn't feel this way but I feel like my dream is slowly going down the drain and I've thought about killing myself if that ever happens....I don't know what to do. Should I give up my love for singing/theatre to keep my job to avoid going broke and living on the streets? I hate this's interfering with every aspect of my life. And on top of it all, I can never find any auditions for major productions. I live out in the middle of nowhere and every audition is usually in downtown Seattle. I desperately DESPERATELY want to go back to school, like Cornish but that's just way too expensive....but I KNOW it'll be for the better. I just know it will be. I'll make friends, connections, I'll actually GET somewhere in what I love to do whereas now, I go to work. Come home. Go to work. Come home. Go to work. Come home, go to VOICE LESSON and go to bed. Go to work and come home. That's ALL I do. I want to do more without the hassle of being tired from work....but I feel like it's going down the drain more and more every day. I want it more than anything and I don't even know how to achieve it without the risk of losing my job.

Any suggestions?

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hamyarragma : I'm 16,
When my boyfriend and I decided to go out we had been friends for about a year I told him I was bisexual, and he was loving an excepting of it and said he didn't care. HE IS THE SWEET-IST guy in the whole world though!

some things he's done: that makes me feel bad about breaking up with him this is to show you what he has done for me

he found some scientist going to the north pole he paid him $50 to bring back a preserved snowflake sample for him then paid $100 dollars to get it made into a ring saying "this snowflake is like you one of a kind",
fought off an attacker and got really hurt trying to save me, and after-wards he said "I did it because I have no reason to live without you..."
He's fun and mature and never says or dose anything perverted like the other guys.
Really nice and I mean really nice.
Treats me really well
Paid 1 months rent ($1500) for my family so we wouldn't get kicked out.
Gave 1/5 of his collage fund for a surgery I needed on my leg.

I REALLY DON'T Want to hurt him! I know he will find someone else, but its awkward for me when we kiss and its been more like a bond to me. He is sacrificed so much for me, and I feel this is a terrible way to repay him after all he has done. He is deeply in love with me but I realize I only like girls, its been 4 weeks since I have found out, and we've been going out for 1year. I've aslo met some one I like and it needs to end.

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4seoonekenobl : all women are lesbians with boyfriends or husbands your not actual a lesbian what you are is actual called Straight for a woman
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cheap uggs : You can't do it without hurting him. But if you're quite sure that you have only attraction to females then you can't really stay with him, can you?

That said, if you see my answers to homosexuality questions that others have asked you will know that as a Christian I believe it to be sinful behaviour. I really hope that for someone who gave so much to you you would at least try praying to God to see if He is there, if He will help you. You might be able to save the relationship. I'm not saying God will take away your attraction to females. He might. But no promises. He hasn't taken away my attraction to females who aren't my wife. If you try and nothing comes of it, you have to do what you have to do. No offense but at sixteen, you likely have not met the person you will be with any way.
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liamnigousnum : Tell him as nicely as possible, Say to him you're interested in girls. Tell him sorry but you think he needs to move on, and tell him thank you for what he's done. Make sure its not over text, That's not nice.. Do not go date the girl right after it ends, wait awhile, Good luck!
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enurmouse : WHY do you want to break up with him? You said you were Bi, accept that.
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Hoonorshani : I'm an American Citizens if that helps any. And also can i open a bank account while im still in America and have my fiance be joint on it?
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Alibabamen : Okay, I only have Microsoft word 2010 and Paint the preloaded programme on most computers. I don't have the funds to get a new programme.
I want to create a cd booklet for a mix cd I made for a friend. I don't know what measurements to use my printer doesn't do any of that its just a basic printer that lets you print A4 A5 and whatnot.
I want it to be like a proper cd booklet when you open it and it's folded over, not stapled together, I'm intending on printing it.
I don't understand how to do it I need it pretty soon as it is already a late birthday present! :D

Thank you for any help I receive!
I've already tried some online downloads but they don't allow me to fill in the artwork. If anyone suggests adobe would they also tell me how to use it cause i'm stuck at that too. I'm determined to do this for her!
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Alibabamen : I purchased something on eBay early Wed morning (like 2-3am) and used my PayPal balance to pay for the item. My payment on eBay is showing "Pending Payment", but on my PayPal account it is showing that the transaction has been completed (has been this way since the day I purchased it) and the funds have already been taken out of my account. I contacted the seller later on that day to see if maybe they did recieve the payment and it's still showing pending on their end as well. Has anyone had this happen before? I could understand if both eBay and PayPal accounts were showing pending, but my PayPal accont says completed. Thanks!
How long should it take for everything to show completed? It's not that I have to have the item right away, but instead of waiting for a payment to clear when it's already completed is slightly irritating.
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bornOwnence : Its common on ebay. When PayPal not able to confirm the receiving status having same. But payment actually went through
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