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arrormaginy : I'm looking to get an auto loan for $3800. My credit score is 651 because I've never really paid any bills or anything like that before. I am a college student a work part time. Where is the best place for me to apply for a loan?

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Sorwrortreize : If you have a credit score something is in your credit report.
If you have never used credit, your score would be 0

It's time to check your credit reports at
Annual Credit Report
Again, to have a score, someone (if not you) has used credit in the past.
651 is pretty low, which makes me suspect a family member has probably used your credit for something in the past.
Get all three reports today and forget about the score.
You need to know all three of them line by line
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Smaluemelmisy : I have recently started working from home via internet jobs.
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SicTweree : by 20% therefor it is a net payment. Am I liable to pay tax on this money
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flazyzotreart : Contributions to a pension fund is tax free.
If the contribution is refunded I presume the 20% deduction is for the tax which would have paid if you had not put the money into a pension.
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afteneunladdy : Hello,

Few months ago, I have created a budget on the amount of money I spending for video games annually. I have been doing this for the past few years and it seems to work for me.

I heard that Metro Last Light is a good game, but i initially wanted to get Battlefield 4, CoD:Ghosts, SR IV as well as Watch Dogs. Titles that are way back at the end of the year.

Which ONE titles should I brush off my list if I want to get Metro? I have already funded the budget. And is it good or not?

Thanks in advance.

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stainsfaf : I am in New Jersey. During a rainy and foggy night, I hit a bicyclist with my vehicle as I entered my apt complex. NJ is a no fault state though I suspect he is uninsured (does not own a vehicle) and may not have health insurance. Assuming I am 100% at fault (no ticket was issued and I believe there are facts to show bicyclist was partially at fault) what happens if his injuries, lost time at work, and pain and suffering add up to more than my policy limit -$100,000 (one hundred thousand). I also have 100 thousand for property which will more than cover the damages to his bike. I am really freaking out about this and any help is appreciated. He got up right after the accident but claimed to be in pain and did go to the hospital. I do not know the extent of his injuries beyond that. I have not assets besides a few thousand in 401k. Lots of student loan debt but relatively high income. Also, I rent. My insurance co has been playing phone tag and not taken a statement from me though they left a message saying they are planning to accept 100% liability and they have been contacted by his attorney. Again, freaking out!
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Allolacib : You need to be very careful about what you say. Were the police called? Were there witnesses? If it is foggy and you are driving where you are supposed to be at a safe speed for the fog and a car or whatever pulls out in front of you causing the should have called the police and got a report to that effect. People on bicycles are supposed to obey the laws of the road in your state. If they don't, they are at fault. They are also difficult to see. Did he have a light on his bike? You need to do some serious thinking about how you were driving and about the guy on the bike before you decide you are at fault. If your insurance doesn't cover it...should you be the one at will have to pay. You need to think and then talk to your insurance company. If they don't help you, get an attorney to help you out. You need to protect yourself and your insurance company. There isn't much they can do unless you contact them with your information.
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StoomyTog : You suspect he is uninsured? What makes you suspect that?

You assume he does not own a vehicle? I assure you he does own a vehicle - you knocked him off it. A bicycle is considered to be a vehicle by law, even in New Jersey. I think you mean you suspect he doesn't own a motor vehicle. Why would that matter? Motor vehicle insurance doesn't cover bicycle accidents.

You assume he may not have health insurance? Why?

You believe there are facts to show bicyclist was partially at fault? What facts?

There are a whole lot of assumptions here and you give very little information about the circumstances of the accident, yet you want us to reassure you? Give more info and I'll do my best.
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DuepLumew : Then you are "on the hook" for everything over your policy limit.

A bicyclist does not HAVE to carry any insurance. It's just like hitting a pedestrian. "No fault" means you file for your injuries under your own auto policy. As he wasn't in a car, the "no fault" part of the law flat out doesn't apply.

If the judgement is more than your policy limit, then you will have to pay it. They'll take payments, heck, they'll attach your wages so you don't have to worry about actually making the payments.
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