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TUTPeessyboms : what amount of money does the tax payers of the united owe to foreign countries,who are they,what amount of interest is owed. Why are we borrowing (money to pay for are own bills). are we paying for
money we pay for taxes ? what amount of money collected in taxes in the united states is kept in
united states banks?

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enurmouse : ALL the money collected in taxes goes to pay interest on debt and that's it.
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EffodoGob : The US government "Of the people" owes a bajillion space bucks to everyone.
The US government "Of the corporate shareholders" doesn't owe a cent.
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maxussynk : As of end of April, it's $14.286 Trillion.

Of that, $9.655 Trillion is held by the public, and $4.611 is held by parts of the government, like Social Security.

Now, going from memory, I believe roughly 2/3rds of the public debt is held by US citizens and companies, and 1/3 by foreign governments and companies, with China being the #1 holder at round $1 Trillion or so.
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draidiliate : Im guessing you re not happy with your money being taken out of your pocket but honey every goverments of every country in the world owe money to another country or a bank, no country can function on their own, you always need to borrow from others, it just how it works.
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BuyNexium :
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nesbitt379 : For instance, Michael Madigan, the Speaker of the House in Illinois is the sole reason why Illinois is the worst state in the Union. I know what you are thinking, if he is so horrible, how come he gets reelected. Well thats simple really, its because anybody who has ever attempted to run against him has not only failed but they seem to disappear from the face of the earth. I remember watching PBS where they did a story about a woman who challenged Michael Madigan for his state congressional seat in the last election and now there is no word on her. So likely she was driven out of town *perhaps out of the state* so Madigan can remain in power. As long as he is speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives and holds his congressional seat, Illinois will continue to get worse. So Im afraid the ONLY way to get rid of this man, is to KILL HIM. Then and only then this state can finally get some reforms.

So I ask, is it justifiable to kill a politician you hate for the good of the people? Especially if they are people like Michael Madigan of Illinois?
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geickmstam : Yes, but you'll be soiling Hell.
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weireenry : hitler
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Chesforse : regardless of what you think of any individual he has rights as well and if you violate his rights you are acting against the law and will be punished accordingly

the will of the people is to have him in that position otherwise he would not be there
which translates to you are not acting for the good of the people but what you do would be for your own selfish interests
the courts are nowhere near as stupid as people would like to think
and see through your bull S H I T as clearly and as quickly as i do

you would be just another Nut Case targeting a Public official fto achieve 15 minutes of fame

there are many such idiots serving life sentences in Prison

soon you will be among them
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