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BusDrersUneni : I was at a block party with my neighbors, all of us had our dogs running around and playing. A neighbor threw a piece of chicken for my puppy, when he caught it and started eating it my other neighbors dog attacked my puppy and started biting him. He took a chunk out if his ear, and I want to get it looked at by the vet but she is refusing to pay for the vet bills even though her dog attacked mine...
I am wondering if by law she is responsible because her dog was off leash and attacked mine? All my dog did was roll on his back and cry, he did not attack back.

She has a large German shepherd mutt, and mine is a small (because he is only 6 months old) heeler/dingo mix.

Any advice helps! Thank you.

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colemiliClipsp : Your dog was off leash too... Lesson learned. Who ever threw the chicken with a bunch of loose dogs was an idiot.
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Dave.tupastoggep : You can take her to small claims court. I don't know the laws, but the judge probably won't be too happy that no one had their dogs properly contained, but you may still win as her dog did the attacking.

I'm so not a fan of having dogs at uncontrolled settings like this, especially where food is involved.
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PogeSoroobete : ALL the dogs were off leash, you are at fault too. You took the chance, you can't blame someone else for your decisions.
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Vytrar1tet : Please explain why Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) is important in business-to-business ecommerce
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qndrew2012 : Electronic Data Interchange!!

EDI assumes availability of a wide area network to which organization can subscribe. All Organizations willing to join EDI services must subscribe to the common network. In addition, all organizations participating in a particular EDI services group should agree to a message format that they will use, and load appropriate EDI software on their computer systems. This software is responsible for providing translation services, EDI services and network services. When a sender's computer system produces a message and passes it to the translation service software, this translates the message into the common agreed structure and passes it to EDI service software. EDI service software executes necessary functions and procedures to send the message, track it in the network, and ensure that it reaches its destination.

EDI services, in addition, may include procedures to ensure security functions, building and accounting functions and generate necessary logs for auditing purposes. Network access services are responsible for actually controlling the interaction with the network that transports messages from one site to another.

The transport network provides a powerful electronic messaging service to support EDI services. Transport network uses a "store and forward mechanism" and messages are sent to "mail boxes" that are managed by the network service provider. The organization can send his message at any time independent of the recipient's system status, i.e. whether or not it is ready for receiving. The recipient systems periodically check their mail boxes and transfer messages from network mail boxes to their own memory.

Thus a transfer cycle is completed. The receiving computer applies necessary translator and convents the received message into a format understandable by its application software. The application software is programmed to recognize various messages and take necessary actions such as generating responses to receive messages and updating other databases.

Features of EDI:

Traditionally, data transfer from one company to another is done through the paper documents, which have to be manually forwarded and entered to the destination computer.

EDI has helped in the electronic exchange of structured business information, in standard formats, between computers. It has reduced data entry link, eliminates the need for a paper bases system and improved business cycle times by providing an electronic link between companies.

EDI is the electronic transfer of structured business documents in an organization internally among groups of departments or externally with its supplies, customers and subsidiaries. In EDI, the information transferred over a network will not have to be read, retyped or printed but it must have a predefined structure agreed between the two company's which send and receive data.

The two companies or groups which exchanged information through EDI are called the Trading partners. The computers, which these trading partners use, need not be from the same manufacturers.

Examples of current uses of EDI include information teller machines (ATMs) in banks where EDI is used for transferring and withdrawing funds between different bank accounts, airline reservation systems, stock exchange transactions and car reservation systems.

Working of EDI:

Companies using EDI communicate with their Trading Partners, in one of the two ways:

1. Exchange of data with several trading partners directly.

2. Interaction with multiple companies through a central information clearing house.

In the latter case, all transactions take place through a third party's computer system, which then sends them to the appropriate receiver's computer. This enables the sender to communicate with an unlimited number of trading partners without worrying about proprietary system audit trails, variable transmission speeds, and general computer compatibility.
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fakeoakleysy4 : Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a
method for transferring data between
different computer systems or
computer networks. It is commonly used
by big companies for e-commerce
purposes, such as sending orders to
warehouses or tracking their order. It is
more than mere e-mail; for instance,
organizations might replace bills of lading
and even cheques with appropriate EDI
messages. It also refers specifically to a
family of standards.
In 1996, the National Institute of
Standards and Technology defined
electronic data interchange as "the
computer-to-computer interchange of
strictly formatted messages that
represent documents other than
monetary instruments. EDI implies a
sequence of messages between two
parties, either of whom may serve as
originator or recipient. The formatted
data representing the documents may be
transmitted from originator to recipient
via telecommunications or physically
transported on electronic storage
media." It distinguishes mere electronic
communication or data exchange,
specifying that "in EDI, the usual
processing of received messages is by
computer only. Human intervention in the
processing of a received message is
typically intended only for error
conditions, for quality review, and for
special situations. For example, the
transmission of binary or textual data is
not EDI as defined here unless the data
are treated as one or more data
elements of an EDI message and are not
normally intended for human
interpretation as part of online data
EDI can be formally defined as the
transfer of structured data, by agreed
message standards, from one computer
system to another without human
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smarharne : Using books that preach violence and hatred? And why are these schools not shut down and all connected with this outrage deported from UK immediately?
@ MO

I believe you been a bad bad boy Mo lol. Did you report me? YES or NO? ;))

Mo, no ones teaching hatred in western schools in Saudi. Get real! The Americans have bases all over the world, and that's essential. It's like a parent/child relationship. We in the west are the adults, and you in the Muslim world are the badly behaved little terrors that need to be kept under control. Bases located around the world help to keep the world a more stable place to live in.
@ NOLA guy

EXACTLY!! And unlike other religions many take those words Absolutely literally. They're medieval. they're insane! What chance does Israel or the west have dealing rationally with a mentality like that?
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Expopgolf : Why are British troops in Afghanistan.., Why have British troops killed thousands in Iraq....why is the west the biggest terrorists in the World. Why? Why is the west stealing from everyone else...??
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noelleterrao : I have no idea. The only reason I think these schools are in the UK is to spread their extremist ideology. They should be shut down and all of the people teaching hate and destruction of their host country should be arrested.

@Inamul: British troops are in Afghanistan because they followed America after 9/11. 9/11 is the reason why America went into Afghanistan in the first place. Iraq is a whole other story and it has nothing to do with Islam. It's just chance that the people there are Muslims. The west isn't the biggest "terrorist" in the world. I don't think you understand the term. And it's not the west who wants to take things. It's ALL nations. The stronger ones are just better at it. Try paying attention to history and politics.

@Mohamed: Your post doesn't make sense. There is no mass migration of Christians or secular people in Saudi Arabia who are preaching the destruction of Saudi society. Total false equivalence.
Why is there an American military base in Saudi Arabia? Because SA and America are technically allies. It's all to do with oil, money, and politics (as usual). If there were no oil then there would be no alliance between the USA and Saudi Arabia. These two societies are the complete opposite and are brought together only because they are benefiting financially. Other than that Saudis hate the west, our values, and our way of life. Except on one of their visits when they enjoy hookers, strippers, and get drunk but that's a whole different topic.
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