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JeffJY : I am the maid of honor and I am planning an away bachelorette party and a local one as per the brides request. Who is expected to foot the bill on the one out of town? Is paying for ourselves ok? I know that for the local one the bridal party and her friends will offset her cost but I am just curious about the one out of town.

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DuepLumew : First of all the bride doesn't "request" her bachelorette party. She gets ONE bachelorette party thrown at the discretion of her bridal party & friends. IMO the out of town event is just a party where each person pays their own way.
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necladatio : i would like to separate the issues ...
paying my tax is one issue
muslim terrorism is another issue.

paying tax is my duty. How the money is handled is beyond my control. So, it shouldn't bother me.

muslim terrorism
i disagree 100% w your statement ... ' Muslims who never specifically condemn MUSLIM terrorist acts '. I view this statement as naive. In the real world where we live, the teachings of islam has come to light and one of its core teachings is ... brainwashing its followers to ... kill all infidels.

who are infidels
everyone who is not a muslim.
therefore, your statement sounds like it came from a 12 yr old.

muslims condemning terrorist acts
this is only a game, a tactic ..
i REJECT them outright. Core islamic teachings have come to light w terrorist acts and the world has come to recognise islam as a terrorist religion. Trying to fool the world now, are you ...

to hell you go ...
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AdonnaAppeany : If a Democrat follows all of their rules, opposes any and all gun control........

the best they can hope for is "a good rating" from the NRA.

They will never get any funds from them.......
they will never get any endorsements from them......
and the NRA might even endorse their Republican opponent.
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aquarkBer : All it is is a 2nd ammendment group.
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frontruntex : Please, name a group that isn't.
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ForexSystem : Yes and no, it depends on the subject, some politician who advocates gun control will not get a high rating just like a democrat who is against gun control has difficulty getting elected.
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Mumemupspaw : AND, as usual, you're completely wrong. The NRA has endorsed several Democrats based upon their stance on the Second Amendment. They may not endorse them for office but they have endorsed their Second Amendment stance. The NRA is ONLY concerned with protecting the Second Amendment. You can throw any other claims you want at them but that doesn't make the claim correct or even legitimate.
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BreamsEasesia : course not
,,they are merely a caucus in the royal benevolent international order of raccoons
they gather in pawtucket RI every year,waggle their tails,,sing my wild irish rose,drink guiness & speculate how many angels can fit into an empty bottle
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ontognoks : I'm not one to defend the NRA but they are a lobbyist organisation. That said, they are not partisan because partisan infers party predjudice and they are more than willing to take any member despite affiliation.

We also have to look at their purpose and your so called "the best they can hope for is "a good rating" from the NRA."

As a lobbyist their stated goal is the 2nd Amendment. (actually I think it's their own pocket by offering a service that the public demands but thats another issue)

The rating system seems rigged to you because you aren't looking at it from their stance which is a common problem with Liberals overall. The 2nd Amendment leaves no room for interpretation and by not voting for bills that promote it's intent they can only hope to gain a "good rating".

The fault is the Deomcrats not the NRA.
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