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esyez028 : I am 26 and currently working full time to pay my mortgage and support my family. I would like to go to uni to become a midwife but dont think i will be able to afford it.
I know the NHS pay for the tuition fees but it is the living costs that concern me. To study at uni full time for 3 years i would have to give up work but i still have bills to pay. If i were to get a part time job i would never see my young family. HELP!!

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amitiardedo : Oh I certainly mind. It's ridiculous.
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Pioftesseve : I'm furious that my tax dollars support Muslims who COMMIT terrorist acts.
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zIvigiorryize : Yes I do, and I find it strange that people are unaware that Obama is assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in their quest to take over all of the oil producing countries in the Middle east, He who controls the oil controls the world.
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KneermaWarf : So the guy condemns terrorism, but you're troubled because he doesn't specifically use the word "Muslim" before the words "terrorism" or "violent extremism."

Does he really need that word in front to make it clear he is including Muslim terrorism among all kinds of terrorism? Isn't it kind of obvious, considering the press releases are issued in response to Muslim terrorist acts?

You're nitpicking.
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ozrf4332 : didn't see anybody complaining when the US was supplying the muhajadeen to fight the soviet union. They later became al qaeda and the taliban.

I didn't see anyone condemning that *terrorism*

call it out where - ever it occurs, everybody and nation should have the same standard. And that is only too true of an example where your ally *terrorist* became your hostile *terrorist*
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acilivesserma : yes
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Unrerolor : I find it incredible that you believe everything that's spouted out to you by news networks without ever looking at the real facts. An American shoots and kills another American every 4 minutes how many is that a year? Are they terrorists or just murderers? Do you need someone to not be Christian to be a terrorist or is that just what you've been taught by the media?

Civil wars happen in developing countries the same as they did in the US and UK as they were developing. You shouldn't allow yourself to become caught up in religious hatred. The majority of people, regardless of race/creed/colour are peaceful and get along. They also pretty much all condemn terrorism of any form by anyone to anyone as does the source you quote above. He's condemning all terrorism regardless of who has committed it which includes Muslims why would he single out a religious group rather than say it's all wrong? I'm sorry if this offends but you've asked a very stupidÂÂ*question here and it would worry me that anyone's tax dollars are spent on educating people like you if this is the awful standard of education you clearly received.
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phesmahjump : Married 2 years in September. Found out once he moved in that liquor is his only drink along with beer. Since December he gets a bit aggravated, no conversation, just leaves and doesn't come back for three days. He wouldn't ever give any funds to help run house, when asked, he'd leave. This last time, he said he was going to get his girls, asked if he'd be back and he said he would call. He had not called, came back and had moved into a home owned by his parents that was vacant. I ran into him at local store. I was in car and he walked by, smiled, waved and no wedding band and them left. The pain in my heart is horrible.anxiety through the roof, confused and he had left all things behind at house. I have no idea what to do..please help me..please.
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ReodaCedhed : From where I'm standing you should be organizing a "Ditched the Loser" party! Go live your life and for the love of God raise your standards the next time around!
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