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Maccullam : 15 years old.
I started using eBay to sell about 2 months ago as i am a Nike collector and have many shoes that are brand new and I never wear them. My parents were so proud of me for making money online. They support me 100%, and are very proud of what i've been doing. I am a responsible buyer and seller. I always pay and have my items shipped out on time. However, eBay suspended my account and asked for proof of identity. They want government issued ID (ex. drivers license), a billing statement with my name on it and address and proof that i purchased the items i did on eBay. How do I verify my account and become a trustworthy seller? I do not have my license yet. Can I send in my mothers? I would just like to know how I could get my eBay account verified and whats pieces of information i can send them that would work.

Please don't tell my I am too young. I have my parents permission and i'm a responsible teen..
Thanks in advance.

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thurgyFug : "yourself" is one word.
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clitteclulfiz : The oil rich countries that want to improve their image.
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Anydaysen : Islam of course. Any one can buy time or buy the whole TV channel, it is called free enterprise.
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erodoGagdug : All ideas for a federal bill are welcome

For my government class we have to make up a federal bill to be passed in fake senate made up of our class. I need ideas for a bill that can't be about abortion, death penalty, presidents election, same sex marriage, education, or congress . And I need a spasific who would be funding it. My thing is at noon today please help. I am doing four and I only have three.. 1 gun law 2 restore original Memorial Day 3 child support law 4 ????????
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Obnolermfs : A federal bill abolishing lifetime pension for former Congressmen. The bill would fund itself.
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Kerfruirl : i think it is really cool they have a show about getting your baby a college fund :) and letting them have a blast while doing it..i am really interested in singing my son up to go on the show bet on your baby but i can't find a way online at all can someone tell me the website or something :) thankyou
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fivefingerslo : Equifax FICO score (on 816. (Others unknown but assume they're the same, for this question.) Reliable monthly income $1963. Other monthly income varies, usually around $700. Bank account $61,000. Debt 0. Own a $65,000 property with no mortgage. Own a car with no loan, whose present value is around $8500.
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NesOrestned : About $150,000 - $200,00.
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LasloDemsi : here locally , if u can prove two year tax reports of
2660 monthly - 31.900 yearly
based on that u could get a loan here 4 - 128,000.

sell the property for 65K , get a 128K house and in
no time u be actually wealth.

read, study these at least.
house buying kit for dummies, e. tysen.
total money make over, dave ramsey.

folks in our industry will not visit then.
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