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Savannah_Hawaii : I am not cruel or want to have a revenge on my wife but sometime, important that our leader should understand that men are more victim in many cases. I cannot go to the whole story but my wife shows me that she is cold hearted, unappreciative, selfish and don't care about anyone but herself and immidiate family. I have being caring for my wife since I met her in 2005. I put her tru school but not result to show. All I have been working for, I send it to her thinking that she was working hard but she was sleeping with different men out there. I destroy my credit and took loans thru my school and apply for many credit cards in other to have more money to care for this care girl. I sent things to her to make her happy and the marriage I did all thing without her spending dime. I brought her to this country to find out who she really is. thru my phone bill, she was calling secret boyfriend and created a lots of problem in my house. all this years she said she loves me but after getting here, she said she have never loves me. she broke my computer and is the tv was not big and strong enough, she should have destroy it too. Now she move out of my house without my notice when I was at work but she have temporally green care. I have went to Immigraction office in Garden City NY to report it that she move out. She lied a lot and also call police on my step mother. Now case is pending in court for next month but my wife said she want to close it before my family go to court. still I want to go to lawyer to give a concrete letter after I explain everything to them. My wife do not deserve mercy at all. She is wicked and have not appreciate to me or respend none of my family. Even though she moved, out with my notice, she still call me for money but I to her I am not a fool anymore that u fool me for five years when u where by yourself in another country.

What should I do?
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momeNemelve : I'm currently giving my AS exams in Bangladesh and hopefully giving my SAT exams in October. I want to study Chemical Engineering and am currently looking at universities such as McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. I am expecting all A's in my AS exams and hopefully above 2100 in my SAT-1 exams. I have checked their requirements for a major entrance scholarship, but that's only for admission. Would you please let me know how I could increase my chances of getting financial aid ? I am a good student but unfortunately my family can't afford to pay for the tuition fees. Is there any other way such as a student loan ? Please let me know.
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mbtskosalg : Canadian citizens typically support colleges and universities with a larger percentage of tax revenue than Americans
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SPbrain : I live in an Old Subdivision of Houses which was built in 1960s and never had any HOA or such organization .. Everyone living here all along has been master of their own will and was never pushed or harassed by any kind of Association or Authority until suddenly one Husband and Wife who own a house and live in the Neighborhood formed Neighborhood Watch (NW) and not by Election but by Self Assigning themselves to be the President and Secretary of this Neighborhood Watch. In the beginning everyone welcomed the idea and followed through with the Meetings and got it Registered and now for almost a year this President and the Secretary has been Rubbing Elbows with the Police Department, Code Enforcement and other Authorities of the County where this all is Located in the State of Georgia, Now this President of NW and his Cunning Wife have started to run Politics in the Neighborhood by HARASSING NEIGHBORS BY CALLING CODE ENFORCEMENT on them for every little thing and both Husband and Wife have started to Interfere into other peoples' Life as they will create Problems for Selectively some Neighbors who will not attend ALL NW Meetings or who will not appease to this President and Secretary. Also there are a few Residents who have started to become some sort of INFORMENT for this NW President Couple in Playing the Politics. Not All the Residents are aware of this Fact as they yet have not been PICKED on by this President and his Secretary Wife. I personally have been PICKED on by them on more than 3 occasions because I am the only Indian person living in the whole Neighborhood and I am being Racially Targeted for it because one day the President told me that under a Tree on my property there are lots of Indian Cobras living and I need to have it cut and removed ( there are no snakes there and none has ever come out or no one has seen any they just want that tree cut because they cannot see their Grandson who lives on the other side of the tree and is my next door neighbor and the Tree gets in the way .. I do not have any way to prove that I have been told that... also, I do not appease to them or attend their Meetings .. Though an Email does come to me as I am on their mailing list telling what has been going on in the NW.

They will often do FUND RAISING by selling Food or Fried Fish to all the Residents on Weekends or Holidays - and at this Occasion almost the Whole Police Department and Code Enforcement kind of Authorities come and Eat for Free - Where everyone else pays for this Food for the Fund Raising .. but there is no way for me to Prove it .

My Questions are -
1. Are there any Federal or State or Local Funding they are getting paying themselves any salary for doing this...?
2. How can I protect myself from this Harassment and who can I report this to ?
3. I have a Mortgage on this House which is more than its Appraisal Value today .. so my Equity is a Negative Number and I cannot sell this house and move out of here.
4.Is NW Same as HOA and can they in the long run keep on Harassing me like this .. what is there which I can do ... I am Frustrated and Depressed .. Please someone help me?
5. Like HOA which is Mendatory if you want to live in the Community - Is NW Mendatory as well or is it Voluntary and they cannot impose this upon me ?
6. Can they convert this NW to an HOA by voting from all the Residents in the Community and Force anything they want to upon me ?

7. Who do I call or Write to where they might have been getting Funding from to Report about their Practices and Abuse and Racial Profiling they are doing ?

Please write your answer in details

Thanks for your help.
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unwrelemfu : Franklin Oil issued 150,000 shares of stock last week. The underwriters charged a 7.5 percent spread in
exchange for agreeing to a firm commitment. The legal and accounting fees amounted to $310,000 and the
company incurred $65,000 in indirect costs. The offer price was $31 a share. Within the first hour of trading,
the stock price increased to $34 a share. What was the flotation cost as a percentage of the funds raised?
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Abnolermed : why is this under "People With Disabilities"

you might want to re-post under "Homework Help"
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Mobfabybrirty : Just bought an apartment and is under escrow. On the HOA's balance sheet, Total is 80k. But there's a Capital/Operating Fund which is negative $190+k. My Total Member Equity show negative $190k. And Total Liabilities and Equities reflect positive 84k. What is Total Member Equity, and what are the consequences if it is in deficit?
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arroraceags : It means your HOA fees will probably go up.

They under-accrued for the required long term maintenance. It could be possible that if the builder still owns a large % of the properties that he will top off the fund before he jumps, but this is something you should bring up with the HOA and with your lawyer.

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