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EleneLymncype : I am a college student, 19 years old, and spend 90% of my time (when not in school) working. Lucky for me (not really), i made of $13,000 this year. I had claimed exempt (was told to by the book-keeper at my job), and then got hit with tax bills adding up to almost $1,000 ($758.16 to Fed and 258.57 to state). Vermont state was very helpful on the phone, wasn't on hold at all, set up a payment plan in 5 minutes and were willing to help as much as possible. However, after calling the IRS, I was spending 25 minutes on hold. After that, a woman gave me her Badge number, which I am glad I wrote down. She proceeded to be very rude, telling me I was in the wrong (which, yes, i know I made a mistake), then told me "this isn't going to go away, you know". Well, obviously I know, that's why I am calling to set up a PAYMENT PLAN. I ignore her rudeness after several more remarks, thinking she had a bad phone call previously, and continue with questions. She interrupts me, tells me it is an extra $105 fee to set up a payment plan. EXCUSE ME? I am going to be charged an extra $105 to pay my taxes? "thats right" she says, "it's your fault". I tried being reasonable with my next statement: "Can I speak with someone else please?" I said. "They are going to tell you the same thing" she replies, and I say back "Yes, but in a more friendly manner". She gives me a little more lip...and I just have had about enough. "It is Bull**** I have to pay $105 to pay my taxes" and I hear "Have a good day" CLICK. WOW. Thank you. I am young, trying to be responsible by paying what I owe, and I feel it could be helpful to be talked to with a little more respect. I am trying my hardest to be a decent citizen, and doing things right. However, the IRS (or at least this one worker) is blind to appreciate citizens who are trying to pay for what is owed, besides ignoring it.

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songfeng607 : $105? unless this contract has gone up in price considerably, I don't remember it cost that much, the last time I checked it was $43
and anytime you are not satisfied with the response of the person you are talking with, you can request their supervisor, and ignore her statement you are going to be told the same thing
go to and do a search on installment plan, I don't remember the form # but I think it is in the 4000 series
you can complete the form, download it and send it in, with your check
now back to your tax status, for 2010 a single person without dependents had a non taxable amount of $9350, if you were a dependent, it was $5700
for 2011 single is $9500, dependent is $5800
anything over those amounts are taxable and since you earned considerably more than that, you were not legally entitled to claim exempt
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marcene0c : I hope we can get Chinese-style labor conditions here in the US. If we have a population explosion and then make sure the new population is uneducated we can achieve Chinese-style labor pay and standards. I think this will work.
I forgot to add that I also think we should outlaw unions and stop all forms of public assistance and pensions even for veterans and retired public officials all the way up to President.
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dicSlulpcut : no , just more welfare in cities

But, 0bama ignoring 20 million illegal workers in the US has almost destroyed the middle class and struggling families.
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bettzerboy : The amount we spend per student could send them to private schools.

Our public education system is a failure.
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Ionillsiz : Education is overrated. It exists only to give jobs to loyal Democrats. Nobody learns anything in schools anyway. Let people pay for their own damned education and maybe allow some of these creeps in schools and colleges go out and try to find a real job.
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flekopa : That is the GOPs wet dream
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Inanialiold : This is what you get when you let your imagination run away with you. I notice you Libs love to hyperbolize , exaggerate amd misdirect, rather than speak to specifics.
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ChemeWhibre : Here in Florida we cut education in order to raise our young people to a career in the service industry.
Working at Disney and flipping burgers is their highest goal.
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goorryGrene : Why do you only see the negative?
Cheap labor is the backbone of capitalism. You use the phrase "Chinese-style" as a bad thing, but their products flood the world and provide people with needed items at reasonable prices. How can any American factory compete with that?
And Chinese-style is actually more efficient. They have dorms for their workers ON-SITE, which cuts down on transportation costs and pollution from cars on the road. They feed, clothe and house their workers, so the workers don't NEED a big paycheck, because their basic necessities are already covered.
And generations of families can work in the same place, doing the same thing. That's stability!
If America wants to be more competitive, we need to adopt the same standards as our main competitor, because they're kicking our butt!
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