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mLenter : May 15 2010 I was injured during training in the AR NG. I had not been issued gear as i just came out of basic. SO i had to use extra large gear that was someone Else's. The Helmet kept falling in my face my SGT got mad and i told him i couldn't see while laying in the prone, he proceeded to get behind me and yank on the helmet chin straps and jerk my head everywhere very badly for about 10 minutes, tried tying it down to my vest it kept falling down in my face until he got mad enough top rip it off throw it and get me one that fit. After that he gave me the right one and asked if i was ok i said my neck hurt and i had burning pains from my neck all the way down my arm. He told me i was good to go and get ready to move. I didn't want to talk back and get an article 15 so i got up in tears carrying a heavy load just trying to make it back to the fob. 2 days of straight pain drill was over then next day i went to a civilian hospital into emergency.

The Doctor removed a tick form the same arm i had pains with but stated to me, my witness and the RN CO on the phone that he didn't believe it was Lyme's but that i need and mri ASAP. The Nco said no on mri. So i waited until sept then they sent me to a military base to get checked out it had been getting worse. they said go ahead to get and mri its probably inflammation in my spine. So I got the MRI in Nov and i had a c-5 herniated disc with it crushing my c-6 branchial perplex and cutting off circulation as well as regional pain syndrome in the right arm. since then the arm was slowly pins and needles until now i have no feeling in it. EMG showed big abnormalities for someone who is 24. They wont do surgery yet because of my age. I just started physical therapy as of May 20th 2011.

The worst part is their was a national investigation on my Lod and the reason why i couldn't go to the doctor faster to get this injury fixed in a timely manner was the Higher ups we sent all Documentation in just let it sit on their desk for months.... all the while I'm being told the longer we wait the more permanent the injury becomes. The worst part about it is i went through 10 grand of my own savings , because i received no in cap pay but it was considered a in line of duty. Had to go on food stamps my job refused to let me work until im better as im a liability. I finally received help from the va 70% rating as of jan 1st 2011 and going for extended compensation, as i cant work nor will anyone hire me because the injury hasn't even been reasonably treated ( 15 minute sessions of ultra sound is all they allow).

I'm just wondering what do i do my lawyer isn't telling me much, my unit wants to keep me in but the military isn't paying, i cant return to my civilian job and also they are going to recoup all drill pay and i still have to drill for technically free. I am so depressed all the time. iv almost lost my house and everything i have worked so hard for i just dint know what to do anymore. Every time i talk to someone IN the chain of command they tell me to wait a month and 3 go by and nothing happens i call once a week usually to make sure to be up to date and send in every document from my doctors faxed and emailed so they are up to date. I cannot get medication either as it takes them months to pay the doctors bills, everyday i wake up in pain and just feel like this isn't worth dealing with anymore.

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AttAsenew : 1) Is it correct and appropriate to say "has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013. "
for a twitter account that is to show supprot to someone.

2)Also should it say in the front the "twiter adress of the page" or "the twitter account name" ?.

For example Twitter account name :Serena Williams Fund
But Twitter account address :@TheSWFoundation

@TheSWFoundation has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.

Serena Williams Fund has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.
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sophwq2012 : it is grammatically correct, but sounds pretentious - most people would say " it has begun today" or " it began today " or " it started today"
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Smaluemelmisy : I have recently started working from home via internet jobs.
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cetoxydayecor : 1. He's 24 and heir to over 15 million.

2. He works on building the family fortune and studying to get into a top law school.

3. He wants to retire at 40 after a career in law and manage the family hedge fund.

4. He hangs out with his girlfriend every now and then but is basically a loner quiet type.

PS He wants to date Kate Upton but he says he needs more money.
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Etepsips : False. If i were rich id live my own dream, not someone elses.
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filpacytra : No US president has ever been impeached for committing international war crimes or for domestic repression. Those are considered to be part of the job. Presidents get impeached because of bugging their opponents, campaign funds, and blowjobs.

Clinton didn't get impeached because of all the places he bombed or all the people he starved by cutting off of programs. Nixon wasn't threatened with impeachment because of the Vietnam terror bombing or domestic spying.

Do the corporations that own the libs and cons only withdraw their political contractors when their interests are threatened?

Is it that mass murder abroad and repression at home do not threaten capitalism?
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KepaffipS : do you ever hear the motto

dogs don't bite dogs?

well that is exactly to why
you will never see a US president end up in prison
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carpinteyrotis : I wonder the same thing all the time. Clinton should not have been impeached for getting a BJ from an intern, that is his own business. He should have been impeached for killing thousands and thousands of innocent people.
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phypewenteeko : Capitalism would listen if the people were standing up and speaking out. I think the real problem is the eyes of the people of America are only really focused on themselves and sometimes even if their eyes do see the horror in the rest of the world they are creating, their heart is not moved. You are a rare American who cares and I truly so appreciate that in you.

In Canada we do not have to impeach and that makes it so much easier. All that is necessary to provoke a new election is a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons. It has happened many times and it works - no courts - no need for proof - just no confidence.
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