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BuyNexium : I am looking to open a small neighborhood laundry mat. I only need about 7-8 washers and dryers. I have a good location and a 800 sq ft space. How much will machines cost me? How much will my electric bill be?

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Boeolermep : 1) Is it correct and appropriate to say "has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013. "
for a twitter account that is to show supprot to someone.

2)Also should it say in the front the "twiter adress of the page" or "the twitter account name" ?.

For example Twitter account name :Serena Williams Fund
But Twitter account address :@TheSWFoundation

@TheSWFoundation has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.

Serena Williams Fund has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.
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dombabrarturo : Use spell check, it works !!!!!!!!!!!
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BuyNexium :
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Knissornesmen : I have about 3 weeks left for my current unemployment claim. I haven't filed an extension prior to this. Will I be able to get an extension once this round of funds is out? And how will I go about doing it? There's no link to do it now. Which makes sense because I'm still collecting as we speak. But maybe on my last filing week it'll show up?
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csyez013 : You have to call the unemployment office, preferably early in the morning, to get on their call back lists. After a real person calls you back, explain to them your problem
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uglg6n : Call them, but typically they put you in for the extension automatically, unless this is your final extension. You don't have to reapply for benefits, with the whole job history.
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islightina : Can any ignorant liberals address this ?
Sadcat - do you really expect me to name every liberal in America? Wow - I haven't met each liberal. ALL of the ones I did meet called him a racist, especially after Katrina.
blue_mid: Then you don't know any liberals. And NO, I cannot interact nicely with liberals whom are ignorant. Lastly, Africa's people by overwhelming majority. You may have been unaware of this. I however was already aware that AIDS can infect anyone.
sm_keller: Interesting. I haven't heard IGNORANT Liberals blame Bush for that particular problem until your posting. Thats a new thing to pin on Bush. Congrats!!!
Orwell: So you are saying Bush saved babies too? Well thats another feather in Bush's cap. Thanks.
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DrSandraVann : No, he wasn't. Who accused Bush of being racist? OK, I grant you, someone, somewhere probably did, but I think the general thrust of liberal criticism of Bush was not that he was racist--it was merely that he was stupid, incompetent, and, when it comes to WMD, a liar.

You seem to be engaged in an argument with people who exist solely in your imagination.

Edit: I'm not suggesting you name every liberal in America. Naming ONE who fits your description would be nice, though. Got one?
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weebrorge : no liberals have called bush racist for his actions of using our taxpayer dollars to help fund aids research in africa.
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