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NamImpaimafes : My fiance and I are discussing the idea of having a child before we get married. We have been together for 7 years, since high school. We are both college graduates. Both our names are on the lease of our apartment, we have joint bank accounts, and could technically be considered common-law. We are deeply commited to each other, and are planning on getting married eventually. He has a job in his field that is enough to pay the bills alone, and I am looking for any job to make a little extra money.

I was just hoping to get some opinions on how people feel about a couple having a child before they are technically married. I want to have a child young so I can focus on a career later in life. I do not want to be a career woman, and have a child at the same time. Before I have a career I want to be able to focus all my attention on my family. In case it affects anyone's opinion, we are 23 years old.

While I respect the opinions of people who are religious, we are not, so it is not a defining factor in our decision to have a child before or after a wedding.

It is still a topic that we are discussing, and I'm just hoping to hear points for and against the idea so I can broaden my outlook on the situation.

We have a wedding date planned, and due to certain circumstances, it will be in over 2 years. We know we will be getting married, but feel we are in a good place in our lives to have a child. We could go sign the documents at City Hall and technically be married, but we're both looking forward to actually having a nice wedding. Neither us nor our parents have the finances to fund a decent wedding right now (and we'd rather not settle), so we're saving up for it. We can afford to raise a child and still save a little each month for the wedding of our dreams.
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upncfwgc : I personally don't think its right. I don't think its a good example for kids, and it doesn't provide a secure home. Obviously, often, marriage doesn't do that anyway, but it does for people who know marriage is important and sacred and love each other, and both put 100% into their marriage.
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totJintyBoxia : 23 is old enough to be responsible for a child. You sound like you have a plan. It makes sense. Your life is your life. Who cares what anyone else thinks about you getting pregnant before marriage? You've been together longer than a lot of married people anyways. What signal is it sending your child? Your child is not going to care if you waited til marriage. Marriage is a commitment to each other yes, but it's equally nowadays, just a harder, more expensive way, to break up. "It's just wrong". Ok... these are probably the same people who say no abortion. Can't win for losing. GO FOR IT if that's what you both want. Screw other people's opinions. Your life. Love the baby and raise it the best you can and I don't think God is going to send you to hell for jumping the gun a little.
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KitActick : I think its wrong.If your getting married.Why not just have a child when your off married.Pulse when you get married.You should enjoy some time just the two of you before kids come.
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KallIlliccala : I don't see anything wrong with it IF you are in a loving, healthy, long-term relationship and the two of you have discussed it and agreed it was what you wanted. You are adults and it's your life.

I don't understand why you wouldn't want to get married first, though. Especially if you two have been together that long, why not? I always figured children before marriage were from an unplanned pregnancy, not a purposeful choice for a couple. If I had the forethought and choice I would want to be married first.
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alexpril : 1) Is it correct and appropriate to say "has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013. "
for a twitter account that is to show supprot to someone.

2)Also should it say in the front the "twiter adress of the page" or "the twitter account name" ?.

For example Twitter account name :Serena Williams Fund
But Twitter account address :@TheSWFoundation

@TheSWFoundation has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.

Serena Williams Fund has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.
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NamImpaimafes :
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DodyAppedly : 18,000
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Musfoenue : i never did yard sales before but my mom is taking me this summer. i want a list of things that are common there so i can look up crafty things i can make with them to see what i want before i go. i hate finding something i think i can make something out of just to find i cant think of something. so anything will be helpfull, except clothes. i already no that
o, and i no this isnt in the right catagory, i couldnt find one that would work so i chose at random :)
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monaswola : Usually it's tools and furniture.
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