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Pescuectime : Hi, my dad always shuts off the internet at night, but not because he doesnt want me using it, becuase he has this silly phobia where he is scared it will cause a fire and there is NO way to convince him.

So i just bought a second modem. Is there a way to get the modem i just bought to work without paying a second bill? i dont want to register it and i know u can get it to work i just dont know how, thanks!
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preadledema : I understand that the part of the loan paid for tuition fee is not considered income but while assessing benefits. Does it mean if borrow only amount necessary to fund my tuition fee ( not maximum 1000 GBP) will have no impact on benefits?
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necladatio : i would like to separate the issues ...
paying my tax is one issue
muslim terrorism is another issue.

paying tax is my duty. How the money is handled is beyond my control. So, it shouldn't bother me.

muslim terrorism
i disagree 100% w your statement ... ' Muslims who never specifically condemn MUSLIM terrorist acts '. I view this statement as naive. In the real world where we live, the teachings of islam has come to light and one of its core teachings is ... brainwashing its followers to ... kill all infidels.

who are infidels
everyone who is not a muslim.
therefore, your statement sounds like it came from a 12 yr old.

muslims condemning terrorist acts
this is only a game, a tactic ..
i REJECT them outright. Core islamic teachings have come to light w terrorist acts and the world has come to recognise islam as a terrorist religion. Trying to fool the world now, are you ...

to hell you go ...
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Tupangege : Gosh I wish I could thumbs up a question.
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madelyn379 : this happened more than a year ago.

are you going to complain about how much money we're spending on the Vietnam War next ?
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BlepEphenly : Pass the kleenex! Waaaa Waaaa!
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hiegululnenny : Like ALL politicians, it is all about the Benjamin's..and in his case, the golf course too. Why Libs worship him as a Messiah and Savior even to the point of loving him over the Country and their own families, I will never know. Guess they have a hard time breathing whenever Obama sits down
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GahAssems : What's he raising funds for?

Don't tell me, he thinks we have a "Revenue Problem"?
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Nibumer : "Links a little old, but that's okay he still had the record by then"

Yeah, a "little old'...meaning it was back when he was CAMPAIGNING FOR ELECTION. Of course he was going to a lot of fundraisers then. Reaching just a little bit, are we?
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likelucyru : Think on the positive side of things.. the most time Obama is off schmoozing with left wing extremists.. the less time he's in washington waging war on the American people.
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