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GomiToido : I was refinancing our home and the Bank had told me that I had a outstanding balance with AT&T. I didn't know that I had a account with them until today. I need to find out how much it was. I need to get this balance paid so I can go ahead and do the refinancing. I appreciate the help from them. The account use to be in Kathy.G. Reynolds name.I had been married going on 6 years last name is Kathy.G. Meadows.

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ZRSamuel : You didn't know that you can get your credit reports (all three) free once a year from Annual Credit Report ? https://www.annualcreditreport /cra/index.jsp
That ATT bill will be on there along with the collection agency address or phone number.
Contact them and offer to settle this bill.

Once you look at it, you can ask here how to do a pay on delete.
(not easy to do). If you choose this, you must do it right. Get the help you need
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Royalryaxopay : Call the bank back to get the account number they have, then call AT&T to resolve.
Account numbers use social security numbers to establish,if there is a record thats how to track it.
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intesyreony : How should I go about safely receiving a PayPal payment for a file that will be transferred by email? I hear that the funds can be frozen if the person claims they did not receive the "product". If this is the case, how should I do this? I won't have a tracking number for proof.
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BromRamimer : Send the product to his/her paypal email address and asking him to send an email to confirm. As long as you get the email confirmation it could be fine. If it's a big amount of money you should do it via ebay or directly.
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thurgyFug : "yourself" is one word.
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clitteclulfiz : The oil rich countries that want to improve their image.
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Anydaysen : Islam of course. Any one can buy time or buy the whole TV channel, it is called free enterprise.
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Ìîêëàøèí : As long as they make the bed up when they get done, it'll be fine.
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Coarmarib : Well that's just like, your opinion, man
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