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Abigail_West_Virginia : I am finding out the hard way again. I am a single mother of two and going back to school seems rough. I am going for the summer. I paid for school, now for day care its like $390 to $400 because of the registration fee. I short on money and im feeling the burden. One of my best friends told me that she goes online and the ebooks are free and she gets money from the military.. I am too in the reserves, but it doesnt help with all my other bills i got going on for this semester. She says its quite easy. She also has two children too. What are the advantages and disadvantages on going to school online?

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Petertymn : Pros

You do have to drive to school. Everything will be online.


Well if you go to school online, you will not have any social shares with people. I mean no social school life or sharing. Besides, you should be online and you will take the exams online. However, you will always have the Internet for that. It will not be same as sharing in class. You will not be able to talk to your professors face to face. Learning and sharing in class will have add you some extra information.

However, I am not pretty sure about free e-books.
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UglyLloydlty : Have you spoken to the people at the Reserves? They normally will pay your college tuition, which should help you out a lot. They won't pay for childcare, though. But you can ask them about the books.

Since you've signed up at this school, you need to complete the courses, or else you'll be out that money. So do the courses. While you're in those classes, look at your other options. If you do go to school online, make sure your school is regionally accredited and reputable. A lot of those online schools are not respected by employers, and they can also be very, very expensive. The Reserves will only pay up to a certain amount toward your tuition - anything more than that, you'd take out loans for, and you do NOT want to take out a lot in loans!

If you're at a community college now, find out if they offer online classes. Many of them do. You may be able to mix online with offline classes, or even get your entire degree online, at the college you're already at.

The nice thing about most online classes is that you can do them at midnight if you need to - you can do them after the kids are in bed, for example, from your couch at home. The bad thing is that you need to be really self-motivated. You need to get the work done, and most students find it harder to do that in an online class than when they have to show up to a classroom each week. So if you feel that you're organized and motivated enough to do an online class, why not try one in the fall at your current college? See how you feel about it.
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Pausypey : Depends on the type of learning that better suits you. I personally do better in online courses. If you usually need someone 'there' to help you face to face, I don't recommending taking online courses.

Most of all though, it depends on the courses, also. I only take online courses if they are electives of some sort, as I know it's hard to learn Math and Science online. The thing with online is you have to pace yourself. The key is time management and you basically have to teach yourself everything.

Good luck!
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augmery Parriorkmn : Advantage: it's convenient.

Disadvantages: it's expensive, the quality of education is generally poor, degrees from for-profit online schools are not respected by employers, credits are rarely transferable to real colleges.

My advice: legitimate colleges are offering more and more classes-- and even entire programs-- online. Look into your local public colleges (community colleges, state colleges/universities) and see what they offer online. You might have to take some classes on campus to finish your degree, but it will be worth the extra effort to have a degree from a respected college.
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theomarttestmk : no
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agobeTaulge : no
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CPJames : Bank makes me change password every year. I don't have many secure accounts anyway.
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Teeliaprayelo : I think its a rumour, world can't reach the top step without climbing the ladder, advance the hair dryer first
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