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Soansiodo : It's $1000. We are all college aged so it's going to take him a few months to pay it off. I've been dating him for over a year and his ex gf and I clash. The reason why she has an ambulance bill to pay in the first place is because she threatened to kill herself because I didn't let her chill with me him and my friends. She's threatened to kill herself at least three times already and I really don't like her. I told him I didn't think it was fair and he told me her parents hate her and she doesn't have a job/any money. What else can I say to him and what should I do about this?

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swmssozshjgp : next time she does it, dont call an ambulance. problem solved
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Kifeinfeteeks : oh it is really not fair . tell him if he really wants to help her then refer her to a social worker . he can do some encouragement for her but not financially.
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Unrerolor : He is not his ex-girlfriend's keeper.

This is not his responsibility, not his problem, and nothing he can do as a friend is going to help this chick out.

She can skip out on the bill if it is that impossible for her to pay off. The hospital isn't going to track her down and un-help her or break her legs...

And, bigger picture: she needs a shrink to talk to and spend time with, not an ex-boyfriend. He can only make things worse for her.
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Beskeragmasse : i train with this company called NAS. I attend several of theyr'e branches, some are free, some aren't. The main branch where i train, is where i fund myself. i have an account with them. I did a Works Club programme with them, which was free, now i have received bills from the main branch two months late and i am being charged for everything. my current support worker is new, she doesn't know what she's doing. she's inexperienced. i have dates where i've attended these free sessions with her and the dates on my invoices are charging these dates. a couple months ago i was under different people and they said Job Club Sessions are free of charge, not chargable. my mates are saying get a lawyer, because they think i'm being tricked/conned. i've told the new support worker, several times that my old support workers said the free sessions weren't chargable and she's saying that wasn't said, it was said, because it's what i was told. i may need to take the main branch to court, because i might of paid £200 over for my bill. i've paid my bills for the last couple of months. my parent's have advised me, that i just let this drop, because they say it would be too expensive and too much of an ordeal to get a lawyer involved and take them to the small claims court.

am i being screwed over though, because when i mention thing's, that was said by other people, anybody i say it to, denies it being said, should i just part company with the main branch
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AttAsenew : 1) Is it correct and appropriate to say "has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013. "
for a twitter account that is to show supprot to someone.

2)Also should it say in the front the "twiter adress of the page" or "the twitter account name" ?.

For example Twitter account name :Serena Williams Fund
But Twitter account address :@TheSWFoundation

@TheSWFoundation has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.

Serena Williams Fund has commenced today, Friday the 31st May 2013.
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sophwq2012 : it is grammatically correct, but sounds pretentious - most people would say " it has begun today" or " it began today " or " it started today"
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CobyStoll : Because they're idiots desperately trying to make socialism look like it works occasionally.
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Cnoefbc : palin says spreading the wealth is socialism
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OdellZ905TtQ : Their formal name says you're very wrong
Know what it is ///
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