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Halliepaolo44 : I need to find out how to get the percent of an electric bill I need to pay.
total KW used are 1048. I used 578 out of that. The total cost for electricity is $95 (low price is do to a special program)

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mugonitok : Hi,
I would like to ask about how investing works for private companies.

Please consider this scenario:
Lets say 5 people decide to start a private company (pty ltd)
does that mean each person has 20% ownership of the company? (perhaps this is negotiated by the 5 people, but lets move away from that).
Now say that we wish to have investors inject money into our company, lets say.. 2 people decide to provide $500,000 each.

Now the problem is, is that i dont know how the ownership of the company is distributed.

Does this mean there are 7 owners of the company now?
so that each person receives (100/7)% of the company?

Also, are the original 5 people shareholders/directors? Please fix me up on this information
I am confused as who would be CEO, who would be the directors, and who would be shareholders

Thank you so much if you can help me!!!

(also i am referring to Australia's regulation, but please feel free to answer if you are in the US, i believe they have similar policies).
Thank you!!
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hermesho : The Company's net income last year was $155,000. Changes in the company's balance sheet accounts for the year appear below:
............Increases テつ*
...... ... (Decreases) テつ*
テつ*Asset and Contra-Assets Accounts:
テつ*テつ*Cash $3,000 テつ*
テつ* Accounts receivable $5,300 テつ*
テつ*テつ*Inventory $(8,300) テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*Prepaid expenses $9,600 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*Long-term investments $73,700 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Property, plant and equipment $59,900 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Accumulated depreciation $63,700 テつ*
テつ*テつ*Liability and Equity Accounts:
テつ*Accounts payable. $15,500 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Accrued liabilities $9,900 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Income taxes payable $(22,900) テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Bonds payable $(52,500) テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Common stock $31,500 テつ*
テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Retained earnings $98,500 テつ*
The company paid a cash dividend and it did not dispose of any long-term investments or property, plant, and equipment. The company did not issue any bonds payable or repurchase any of its own common stock. The following question pertain to the company's statement of cash flows.

The net cash provided by (used in) operating activities last year was:テつ*

please show me the steps so that I can learn to do this myself, thanks in advance!!
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copmenoWoma : yes,i can but how much need you money.
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Abnolermed : I'm currently a college student, i have an internship in a high profile investment bank which i'll be doing a rotational internship between investment banking, investment management and private wealth management. I can't wait, it starts Monday. After i finish college i want to get the CFA degree because professionally i want to work as an asset portfolio manager at a high profile hedge fund preferably. Lets say after i get the CFA, do i have to start out working as a financial analyst first since CFA is an analyst degree and then i work my way up to portfolio management?
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aOccuchunedy : conservatives hate america and worship netanyaboo
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anydayerast : Oh please, The 2nd rank member of teh House of reps is a Republican Jew
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ziperhapsem : Oh look, our latest anti-Semite. In 1975 the cost per item for obtaining kosher certification was estimated by The New York Times as being 6.5 millionths of a cent ($0.000000065) per item for a General Foods frozen-food item.

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iuolermef : We also help pay for Planned Parenthood's 500 million dollar costs through our taxes, thanks to the Obama. But we're not allowed to know that, or resist it.
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