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SeRviceFus : I broke my arm while arm wrestling a guy in a restaurant/bar. Even though I willingly participated in the match, would I be able to sue him for my medical bills and win?

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Gysrere : LOL, no.
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AZAdrion : You probably could... be sure your court costs aren't more than what you're getting though.
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yangxh63o : not unless you can prove he did it on purpose.
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anginaprinzen : Nope, he should try suing you though.
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Vessnurry : LOOOL!!!
You american people sue everyone for everything... In Europe we hear lots of stories like this about people sue people for lame things!

I really feel sorry for you!
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napTynccreecy : Doubt it.
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lisi20zu : you willingly participated, knowing the risks that you may face. no, YOU did this to yourself not the other person.
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ImmonyIrobosy : Time to man up son! You have no claim. You willingly engaged in the battle and you lost big time.
No sense crying in your milk over it either.
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Fotaanits : Select one:
a. to decide on how much spending money the owner has to waste.
b. to determine the amount of available cash to pay wages.
c. to provide a benchmark for the evaluation of a business’ operating performance.
d. to calculate the amount of available funds for investment on shares.
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