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andremartin : Of course not just any woman, but say a woman that you've been in a serious LTR with for several years. You don't want to marry due to bad examples and situations you've seen, but you're already living as man and wife and have made rather large purchases together. You love this woman very much and it's been the best relationship you have ever had.

How would you feel if she proposed marriage? Would it be bad if she in part did this so that you could be added to her health insurance and for other benefits like FMLA, ect..

I ask because this crazy thought has crossed my mind recently. We're already committed to each other and love one another, have property and vehicles together. He has a bad back and it has been acting up again recently. Last time he had to go to the hospital for it and it kept him in bed for a week, unable to do ANYTHING on his own, even go to the bathroom. If he throws his back out again, he has no health insurance so that's a hefty bill if he has to go to the hospital again (which he would have to, a sneeze brought immense pain and even crying last time). I would not be allowed to take time off to care for him due to my job. He's self employed and I bring the dependable income (if I lose my job we're screwed). In addition, we would have all the benefits of being a married couple. Bad idea? Am I thinking crazy?
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Fecregree : Dont do it.

They dont like it.

And the reason they dont like it? If they wanted to get married, they'd be proposing.
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nunkCurpittee :
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QNfelicita : Expenditure of money or effort for future benefits.
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gallvoign : 1. The action or process of investing money for profit or material result.
2. A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.

Basically taking a risk with your money and putting it somewhere else out of your control to maybe create more money then you originally had.
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amitiardedo : 1.) All that is basically true.
I have hope in my fellow Americans,
hope that the majority of people will come to face the truth.

2.) I think some of the background things that you mentioned really are none of our business. How a person is conceived might be a sin of his mother and/or father, but that is not something to be held against a person.

3.) I don't think it's wrong to mention those background things, I just think they don't really matter to us in assessing what kind of politician and president Barack Obama is.

4.) I think Barack Obama is at least as incompetent as he is corrupt and dishonest. I think he is a terrible administrator, a poor liar, and a very poor persistent liar.

5.) I feel sorry for the man's family. I hope and pray that when Barack Obama leaves office, he is able to have a good relationship with his daughters and his wife. Frankly, I would be very embarrassed if anyone in my family was as irresponsible, dishonest and incompetent as Barack Obama.

I don't like to see anyone suffer. I really do feel sorry for his daughters. They are old enough to understand what their father has done and still is doing. I hope they are able to separate his political shamefulness from their views of him as their father. I look forward to the day 20 years from now when Obama is long into retirement, giving speeches to idiots who care what he has to say, and we have recovered from the harm he's caused this country.

Peace be with you.
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dypeCoete : a) What are the major advantages that credit unions enjoy over banks?
b) What are the major disadvantages that credit unions face versus banks?
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zmvxowm633 : so, i used to see a psychiatrist at a government funded office. i told the psychiatrist i was seeing that often when i take a psychiatric med like Effexor or Prozac or whatever, the effects from them stay with me for what seems like permanently. (he was the third psychiatrist ive ever seen)he told me this was impossible. but at the first appointment he prescribed electric shock therapy along a medicine, i cant remember what it was. i thought he was taking my situation seriously to be prescribing shock therapy, but i never had it done because of the possible horrible effects it can leave someone with.

anyway i saw this psychiatrist for about 5 appointments, some of the meds he prescribed I took and some I didn't for fear of more permanent effects like from past meds. On my next to last appointment I asked him for an atypical antipsychotic. His response was "I will prescribe it for you if sign a paper stating you are psychotic and delusional". Basically I just said no and I left. I decided I would see another psychiatrist that the one at the government told me about that might prescribe a certain med. He said "go see dr. Robertson if you want to try this certain medicine." I figured he didn't want to prescribe it because he was at a government funded office. But I ended up making one last appointment with this guy because I thought I had to have him sign off on me before I could see another psychiatrist. Anyway at my last appointment he said there was no need for him to signoff on me. And I just told him my reasoning for wanting to switch psychiatrists was because I didn't think he was the right doctor to be helpful to my situation.

The thing that alarmed me most about him was when he said I would have to sign a paper stating I'm psychotic and delusional just to try a med. Then the thought of him prescribing shock therapy at the very first appointment. And then I just basically believed he woukdnt be able to help me since he didn't believe me how many meds have effectd me what seems like permanently.

Now sorry if this is getting long, but my main problem has been that ever since I told this guy I didn't want to be a patient of his, he contacted the regular family doctors office I was seeing and told them I am banned from all Cherokee offices. Whether its a psychiatrists office or a regular doctor. His reasoning is because I didn't follow his orders to take some of the meds he prescribed. I guess this includes the shoc therapy.

The reason I was going to government funded psychiatrists and doctors is because I'm very low income and badly need help. I did not know he coukd ban me from seeing the doctor that works in a completely different location. But I asked them at the doctors office if there's anything I can do to see the foctors again and they said because of what my past psychiatrist banning me, there's nothing that can be done. He didn't even do this until AFTER my last appointment with him, when I told him he's not the right psychiatrist for me. But I made sure I NEVER talked to him in anything but a respectful way.

Now because if him I'm unable to get medical help I need and I'm considering contacting a lawyer.
I hope all this makes sense!
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LaumbNom : the story is too long and what is your question exactly?
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