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Prurbadeora : Assuming Bill Russell grew up the same time as Kobe and knew about weightlifting and the other great sport advances that have helped the modern athlete. If you ask me I would say Bill Russell he was the greatest winner in NBA history and has more than twice as many rings as Kobe, he was also arguably the best defensive player in the history of the game and made his teammates better with his play, Kobe on the other hand made his teammates worse and could cost you games (like a championship against the pistons with his selfish play).

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Cleascacy : I would rather have Scottie Pippen.
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Kasyraisrurgys : Bill Russel, he was a winner, team-player & a AMAZING defender. Defense wins championships.
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Neenstookem : The Great Bill Russell
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srfecti644 : both were great in their own way-Kobe still has alot to prove to himself
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Sleeryrub : For starting a team, Kobe. His offense is the reason. Most teams need a big time scorer.

For my favorite current team, Russell. The Knicks 2 biggest weaknesses are at the center position and defense. Russell fixes both of those and elevates the Knicks to championship contenders.
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HXfernanda : Bill Russell!!
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Gromisilsss : 1. Trading Financial Instruments with my own cash
2. Associating with a specific bank that the corporation has a controlling interest in?

By financial services I mean a firm that offers the following:
- Insurance
- Asset Management
- Venture Capital
- Hard Money Lending
- Corporate Paper
- Financial Advisement
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djrmiks : You can work for a firm.
You can own a firm.
You cannot become a firm or an organization. You are still human, presumably.
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stuartfish : Since Volcker Rule tries to reduce the risk involved in financial sector, by seperating the hedge funds from the consumer lending firm. Hence both 1 and 2 are disallowed as per Volcker rule.
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