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Loothemow : businesses and restricted choice?

star-telegram /2011/05/31/3115961/governor-vetoes-internet-sales.html
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Spaleabegebew : " a bill that will hurt consumers..." is right-wing code for didn't read it, know nothing about it.

In reality allowing internet businesses to get by without paying sales tax is hurting businesses within the state. And threatens employment.
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mLenter : The Libs are just practicing their screeching so that they will be ready when Obama loses in 2012.
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Inwance : The liberals shriek about every move he makes. They're still pouting and hurting over Bill White's 13 point loss in the gubernatorial race.
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nanadokilalo : Because liberals hate commerce and choice, except when it comes to killing the unborn..
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Alibabamen : Isn't that the guy that spoke out against the Stimulus Bill and then begged for federal aid quietly? Hypocrite that can't be trusted.
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tedThyday : there are liberals in texas?

to the point, this veto seems to basically let any internet company in Texas just opperate without paying taxes... lol...
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Ununteepheddy : Because from the sounds of it, Amazon is breaking federal law by having a presence in Texas and not collecting sales taxes.

The bill would have required companies that contract with marketing companies inside Texas to collect the sales tax. Federal law requires companies with a physical presence inside a state to collect that state's sales tax and the bill would have expanded the definition to include distribution centers or warehouses.
Earlier this year, Amazon threatened to close an Irving warehouse after state comptroller Susan Combs demanded that the retailer pay $269 million owed in sales taxes, interest and penalties from 2005 to 2009 because the warehouse constitutes a "physical presence."
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inciongqgn : If you try to trade on very short-term (scalper) then yes it may be a problem since this computers are much more efficient and reactive.

Now on the medium and long term it's another story.
Don't forget that so called algorithms caused the fall of one of the supposed greatest hedge funds: Long Term Capital Management.
Ultimately, the stock market is supposed to follow the underlying economy. So far we dont have any economic model able to forecast accurately it. Thus, humans still have a role to play.
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gerceWedy :
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