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swisasainsgam : Just curious

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Jamases : Did they WANT Benghazi to happen?

I smell a scandal.
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NenSninelix : You just now smell a scandal?
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eraractiorO : yes, the gop had been cutting funds for embassy security before benghazi
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Plaitikepak : Well one could ask why then did Obama put Americans in harms way if there was not enough money to protect them? Of course then there is the question as to why there was enough money to keep Marines at the Paris Embassy and the London Embassy and almost every other US Embassy around the world but there just was not enough to have proper protection in Benghazi. Then the question has to be asked why were the SF units not allowed to go in and help, and why the QRF off the coast were not allowed to go in and why the C130 gunship that could have ended things in literally SECONDS was not allowed in????????
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corte2012 : Fox News has discovered Obama's weather machine and will release this information to their followers very soon. Obama has been using this machine to divert conversation and make the GOP look crazy. Once this information is released, the patriots will see that global warming is a hoax.
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jellettmictez : I am writing a project that requires me to measure the impact of Foreign direct investment on financial statements and I would like u to advise men on the best type of research methodology to use in order to check different companies financial statements to know if there has been an increase or a decrease in their foreign direct investment . thanks
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Amommagum : In the modern day a lot of money goes out to funds for disabled children. Why do people feel the need to help these people if in the long run all it would do is make more people disabled?
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Teweennadaync : You know who else... oh never mind, I give up.
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josede73sk : It is just a means of self-gratification. They play God by creating dependencies in classes of people that they consider lesser mortals.
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