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TeneIlleno : only if you ARE MATURE to answer this pls no games we are both in our mid 30s and we sleep together every night but we are not making love any more and he dont work its been 4 months now. that he just been home he will not even kiss me or hug me its like we are just here and i am paying all the bills i have 3 childern that is not his my kids are grown but 1 of them is 14 ,he just play the x-box and watch t.v and get on the computer and i have notice he get up late at night to get online when i am sleep and play the x-box till about 600 am pls if you can help me understand this thing more clear i am open to read commments and 1 more then he about ministry and i see somethings thats not lined up to the will of god and i will not do what he want he started to withdrawn from me its been since nov 2006 now

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neoclaliolf : Sometimes people say they understand and really do not have a clue.......But I understand! Your husband may be depressed........ he may feel less then a man due to the fact he do not have a job...... Talk to him and allow him to open not expect him acting this way.... talk to him in a loving, respectable way....tell him you feel neglected and alone in this marriage....... tell him you want things to work .... try to encourage him but do not expect him getting up at night on the computer bc he could be watching porn or anything...... Try to work things out and get him to open up.....

Minister to your husband!!!!!!!!! Do not forget only prayer change things!!
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Guargeraffibeol : you say he doesn't work - if he lost his job, you cannot expect him to be up and about thinking abous sex all the time - he should be looking for a job during the day, not staying up all night.

If things don't change and you keep on providing, leave him - he will get used to doing nothing and you don't have any kids with him and no chance of making any the way things are -

please do not stay miserable - you are too young and miserable with someone is worse than miserable alone, believe me.

Good luck. And, for your info, there's nothing you can do to ''perk'' him up if he doesn't want to.
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DrAmbrroose : That first answer was giving excellent advice,... at least up to the point he recommended you ask an invisible deity for advice.

Change comes from YOU doing something.
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Rfdsezlft : The answer is in your question.
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shjica4369 : What happened 4 months ago? Why isn't your husband working?

Sounds like depression. He needs to look for a job and get help at the same time.
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kolodmskyy : He might have lost his sex drive.
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aquaguent : It does sound like he is depressed. I know that this is hard on you but you need to talk to him about this. You need to be there for him. More than likely this is just a bump in the road and it will pass.
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HonsjoriAcino : Ask him what is the matter but he could be depressed because of many things. Communication is the key.
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Flugsoors : I went up into the mts a few weeks ago and since then as time goes by I keep getting bouts of Vertigo. It wasnt serious until like Sunday. I saw my dr yesterday and he prescribed me what he explained were colorful water pills. I'm starting to think the dr thinks I was full of it. My ex-husband from time to time would get it and he would stumble around. Mine hits me when I'm tired and I just feel terrible. I would describe it as being drunk and trying to fight stumbling around. The reason I havent bought the meds is because I have limited funds and I felt like I was buying placebos. What do you guys think? Should I go out and buy this perscription or should I get a second opinion? I did let my dr know I work 10 hr shifts and get off very late at work. I drive myself and I no longer feel comfortable doing that anymore. I have a delayed reaction to everything and get motion sickness
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