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LixZipLiemy : First some background info;

I'm a reasonable adult in my late twenties, I've known my wife for five years, married for three years with a five year old. (If it matters, he's not biologically mine.) We don't get along at all, she's a very forceful/controlling individual who screams and complains if I don't automatically do things her way every time. She says she doesn't have an emotional bond with me, which from what she says means I have to automatically see things her way and not disagree with her at any time. If I disagree, I'm not listening. She demands I remember anything she's ever said and I should be able instantly bring it to mind at any time. I've tried and tried for years to work things out, but she swears up and down that I don't listen, or care about her. ( I work my rump off trying to take care of her. I'm temporarily unemployed for a little while, until my job calls me back soon hopefully). I clean the house somewhat, and do whatever I can to take care of her so she can go to school online and better herself. When it comes down to it, even when I worked we were never an even couple. I got my paycheck, gave it to her to pay the bills, and I had to BEG for coffee money/soda money. She would complain that I never buy her roses, but I would have to ask for the money to do so. It got to the point that she would sit down and calculate my paycheck just so I wouldn't screw the family by keeping a few bucks out for myself for a snack at work.

Long story short, I'm an indentured servant, above and beyond what a husband should normally have to do. Every time I try to leave her, she refuses to give me my unemployment card so I can find myself a place to live, and that I'm (once again) screwing the family.

Having said that, there's this woman I've known for the better part of a decade. She's almost like my soul mate; we read the same books, watch the same movies, like the same things for the most part, and her husband treats her worse than my wife treats me. I know she has feelings for me, and I wouldn't mind cultivating those feelings for her as well, because she's a sweetheart and I know it would be worth it to be in a relationship with her.

My question is this: is it ok to cheat on your spouse if she refuses to give you what you need in your relationship? Not want, but need, as in the occasional cuddle, making love more than once every five months, being able to have an adult conversation without it degenerating into an argument?

EDIT: Oh, and my wife refuses to consider divorce, so that's out of the question.
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arcadeismyname : you know.. i'm not an advocate for divorce.. but if she is unwilling to participate in the relationship in a respectful and loving way then i think a divorce is the way. of course there is counseling to help, but if she is unwilling there isn't much you can do.
she belittles you, and controls you, and it sounds like she uses you. i would never treat my husband this way and expect him to stay.

now as far as cheating. -it's not okay. you aren't going to get permission on here for that. that is absolutely ridiculous. you made promises/vows *for better or WORSE* did you not realize what that meant? cheating is never okay. get a divorce. you don't need her permission for that. she doesn't even have to sign the papers it will still happen. -unless you have a covenant marriage.

then you will be free to do as you please and be happy. it doesn't sound like either of you are happy so you will be doing both of you a favor.
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Encannaxy : leave,its gonna get only worse and worse,trust me
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oem software buy : No, it's never okay to cheat.

Also, this lady seems a little crazy. Imagine what she would do if she ever found out.
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KallIlliccala : First off wrong category.

Secondly, in no place or circumstance should cheating ever be considered. You married her for a reason, to remain monogamous with her for the rest of your lives. That being said, divorce is always there for you. Just because she refuses to divorce you doesn't you mean you can't keep trying. Hire a lawyer, take her to court and get those papers. Keep in mind, you have to show valid reason for divorcing her.

Providing for your family shouldn't stop, but as seeing this kid not biologically yours (and you have no legal binds with this child) for some good reason I think you should move out. Your words make you speak out as being controlled, manipulated and belittled which no man or woman shouldn't experience in marriage.

The thing about marriage too, it can change the side of a person who you knew your whole life. You can get through this, you just to need to man up and tell her how you feel. Be assertive but not rude. Good luck.
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yexiyexi019 : Hi everyone. They live in USA

Well they wrote me a check for something I sold to them.

The check was from their hedge fund!
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carliferates : rich
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Drahphawletle : Hi,
I would like to ask about how investing works for private companies.

Please consider this scenario:
Lets say 5 people decide to start a private company (pty ltd)
does that mean each person has 20% ownership of the company? (perhaps this is negotiated by the 5 people, but lets move away from that).
Now say that we wish to have investors inject money into our company, lets say.. 2 people decide to provide $500,000 each.

Now the problem is, is that i dont know how the ownership of the company is distributed.

Does this mean there are 7 owners of the company now?
so that each person receives (100/7)% of the company?

Also, are the original 5 people shareholders/directors? Please fix me up on this information
I am confused as who would be CEO, who would be the directors, and who would be shareholders

Thank you so much if you can help me!!!

(also i am referring to Australia's regulation, but please feel free to answer if you are in the US, i believe they have similar policies).
Thank you!!
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FalaGaildedayi : Why did he say that he was saying how new jersey was scamming money from the disaster funds and that it won't be that way in oklahoma what makes oklahoma better than other places

I didn't understand his BS did anyone catch it it sounded like were better than you were the best state and you other state don't desrve anything cuz ur scammers

how does this guy even have a job he should locked up or something for his lies
how do we know people in Oklahoma aren't big time scammers should we take this guys word and trust him?

his word is solid gold right no scamming in oklahoma only other states do that right? nudge/nudge right?

come on fellas COME On we good u dumb u bad
no he doesn't have a right to saying anything Billy Bob we haven't seen what Oklahoma has spent its disaster funds on yet so we have no fking idea if he is telling the truth or not u moron
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EduKui-Heru : Lemme see if I can put it in terms even YOU can understand.

Let's say you have cheated at every game you have EVER played all your life. AND you do so because ayou think EVERYONE dies it, SO to you, it is justified.

Then along comes someone who actually plays by the rules, AND calls you out on it, So now You think He is a bullshitter.

Yeah, he DOES think Oklahoma does it better than new Jersey. He has a Right to!.
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