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rbuyf : I have two sons, ages 9 and 6, both which are self sufficient...My husband and I don't make a TON of money, and will only need a sitter one to maybe two '8' hour days per week...I don't expect much, just feed them breakfast and lunch and keep them entertained...don't expect housework or to do dishes...(but not to be a slob either) I plan on giving the sitter money when they want to go to the zoo, beach, go for ice cream, etc...BUT it's always hard knowing how much to pay? Don't want to give the sitter half my paycheck as I have bills to pay, but dont' want her to refuse work or not show up because I'm not paying enough...any suggestions? Thanks!

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buy neopoints : 8/hour
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Veilepype : 5-7 dollars an hour is what i get :)
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Creweemaima : My daycare only charges 215 / week. My children are only 4 and 16 months. We don't live in a city; it is quire rural. I know a girl and she charges 245 for one child per week and that is insane especially in our area. I know I can't afford 5-8 bucks per hour by the time they finish taxes and medical I would be working for free. FYI, my daycare is full where the other one is not and I know I wouldn't ever pay that much, ever. (If I paid 245 per kid I would be in the negative)
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esyez044 : Hi everyone. They live in USA

Well they wrote me a check for something I sold to them.

The check was from their hedge fund!
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aneloToma : no
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mugonitok : Hi,
I would like to ask about how investing works for private companies.

Please consider this scenario:
Lets say 5 people decide to start a private company (pty ltd)
does that mean each person has 20% ownership of the company? (perhaps this is negotiated by the 5 people, but lets move away from that).
Now say that we wish to have investors inject money into our company, lets say.. 2 people decide to provide $500,000 each.

Now the problem is, is that i dont know how the ownership of the company is distributed.

Does this mean there are 7 owners of the company now?
so that each person receives (100/7)% of the company?

Also, are the original 5 people shareholders/directors? Please fix me up on this information
I am confused as who would be CEO, who would be the directors, and who would be shareholders

Thank you so much if you can help me!!!

(also i am referring to Australia's regulation, but please feel free to answer if you are in the US, i believe they have similar policies).
Thank you!!
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sydney778 :
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Gyncdyecy : since liberals run Aus ,, it has prob become too expensive to built cars there.. That is how the democrats and unions in America destroyed the auto industry in detroit.
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GGYGYG : "In this project you will learn about savings and investment in your own life. This is the most practical of all the projects in this course because it is where you learn how to learn about savings and investment. This is a skill that you can carry with you into the future."

This project is asking me to use my writing skills to write a five-paragraph compare-and-contrast essay, blah, blah, blah.

I have to Imagine I'm preparing fir my savings and investment portfolio.

Here are some considerations for the investment portfolio: residential housing, precious gemstones, mutual funds, stocks, commodities speculation, tax shelters, whole-life life insurance policies, collectibles, etc.

Any ideas of what the heck this is talking about? The essay is due tonight, so please give me a more understanding brief explanation about this.

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