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Autobromix : I got unlimited texting ($20) a few weeks back and I'm considering cancelling it, but since June just began, will I still have to pay $20 for the rest of the month?

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Molinotuse : If it is just a monthly bill, you won't have to continue paying it if you cancel. You will have to pay for the part of June you used. If you are under contract for this, you will have to pay a hefty cancellation fee.
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LincExcexia : you would have to call your carrier and cancel the plan or they'll still bill you. You could just use your phone for the rest of the month until the billing day and cancel then.
Hope it helps
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AlteddyFedy : So growing up i was always the small short kid with a baby face.In recent years i hit a massive puberty and became the good looking nicely shaped, tall one out of my peers.More recently now than ever ive been asked if i model and my instinctive reaction would be to say no because i always thought of it as feminine and superficial.Not to mention it wasnt always an option.Im currently in college though and i read alot about it paying fair(im not expected professional salaries) so i thought it would be good to help fund my schooling.So i saw this abercrombie & fitch fit modeling and so i applied through email The problem is i dont think the pictures were very good though some say they are.They were taken by my sister on my phone and to me looked unprofessional.Regard less of this fact i got an email from them saying they hire by opening positions and will contact me IF and when a position opens for my size.Im about 6'1 and some with nice build and 34' waist dont quite know my chest.I just dont feel the pictures did me justice but i still got an email so is that false hope or what?Aside from that should i go for it?I want to show you can have looks but you mind is of much greater importance .Sorry if i have many typos im on my phone hah .Also id rather not show the pictures im refering too.Any feedback would be much appreciated :-)
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Cnoefbc : Hi,
I would like to ask about how investing works for private companies.

Please consider this scenario:
Lets say 5 people decide to start a private company (pty ltd)
does that mean each person has 20% ownership of the company? (perhaps this is negotiated by the 5 people, but lets move away from that).
Now say that we wish to have investors inject money into our company, lets say.. 2 people decide to provide $500,000 each.

Now the problem is, is that i dont know how the ownership of the company is distributed.

Does this mean there are 7 owners of the company now?
so that each person receives (100/7)% of the company?

Also, are the original 5 people shareholders/directors? Please fix me up on this information
I am confused as who would be CEO, who would be the directors, and who would be shareholders

Thank you so much if you can help me!!!

(also i am referring to Australia's regulation, but please feel free to answer if you are in the US, i believe they have similar policies).
Thank you!!
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creecurry : "In this project you will learn about savings and investment in your own life. This is the most practical of all the projects in this course because it is where you learn how to learn about savings and investment. This is a skill that you can carry with you into the future."

This project is asking me to use my writing skills to write a five-paragraph compare-and-contrast essay, blah, blah, blah.

I have to Imagine I'm preparing for my savings and investment portfolio.

Here are some considerations for the investment portfolio: residential housing, precious gemstones, mutual funds, stocks, commodities speculation, tax shelters, whole-life life insurance policies, collectibles, etc.

Any ideas of what the heck this is talking about? The essay is due tonight, so please give me a more understanding brief explanation about this.

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gadeautorge : Stocks are things you invest in a private company. Say you buy 1 stock form toys are us for $3. If toys r us makes a lot of money, the stock value goes up to $4. You've made a dollar. If they do badly, the goes down to $2. You've list a dollar. Same thing with diamonds. 1 poumd of diamond is worth $1000, because some people a willing to pay that much. Then it goes up and down. Collectible a usually only go up. I'm twelve, by the way
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