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sageseepamb : My son sees a psychologist weekly. Last year his insurance changed when I lost my job, and he was put on CHIP. He saw a CHIP psychologist (Doctor A) for about 4 weeks. Due to various issues, we didn't stay and changed to another therapist, where we stayed for almost a full year, covered by CHIP. I got a new job and he got new insurance, so we had to switch doctors again as they didn't take the new insurance.

He's been off CHIP since late December. Yesterday I got an invoice (not a bill) from CHIP stating they weren't paying for the 3 weeks of DAILY appointments with Dr. A billed in January/February, and to expect a bill from Dr. A for the unpaid appointments. Clearly, this guy was committing insurance fraud, possibly since the day we stopped seeing him, taking money from the insurance for a child he was not seeing.

What happens to doctors when they do this? Could he lose his license? He's not a very good doctor, so if he did, that wouldn't bug me. We have informed the insurance of the last date we actually saw Dr. A, is there anything else we should do?

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Uttegowag :
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jiniaSown : Not in any way.
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Shietlewappal : yes
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Idearigeoge : It all started with Franklin, Damn those public libraries!
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kukernos : palin says spreading the wealth is socialism
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Appaniadutt : Absolutely ...especially at public universities and colleges
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Kecysypecrade : Sure it is! And public-funded police and fire protection. And public-funded sports stadiums. And public-funded streets and highways and bridges. And dozens of other things.

Socialism is whenever goods or services are provided through taxpayer funding. We are probably the most capitalistic country in the world, but we use socialism for a lot of things, only because over the years we've found this is the best way to do these things.
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Syncpropypeg : Socialist, necessary and desirable.
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YHrobertWG : it's in the communist manifesto.
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