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yalicen : I took in a stray cat and turns out she was preggers! I already have a boy cat who is already neutered but wasn't able to take her in once we realized her big belly wasn't due to being fat. She has been acting regular, chasing my other cat around, eating (SO MUCH) and going to the bathroom, extra affectionate and so forth, but yesterday she laid on my arm and I saw a wet spot on my arm that didnt' smell too nice. I freaked out trying to get it off of me but should I be alarmed at that? If she had a dead kitten in there would she still be able to carry the others?? I don't have the money to pay for vet bills as I was planning on getting her fixed for free I want to know how worried I should be. Also we kinda think she's about 7 weeks now based on when we got her and the time it took for her belly to get so much bigger.

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FLestesWP : Yes, anaimals can just like humans can.
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daunkwoorousa : take her to the vet anyways! :0
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Vordsmody : If there is a dead kitten inside of her it WILL KILL her. You need to take her to a vet most vets have payment plans and things like that so you can pay it off. Or you could contact some animal rescue groups to see if they would take her and get her medical treatment

A vet will be able to tell if the a kitten is dead or not
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monyNotLy : It's possible. She can carry the kitten to term and give birth to a stillborn kitten.The other kittens are usually born alive.It's possible she may have discharge for the other reasons than due to a stillborn kitten. When she starts to go into labor she will have discharge that doesn't smell pleasant.The other possibility is the cat has a uterine infection that can be life threatening for her.
ehow /about_4597613_why-some-kittens-born-dead.html
wikihow /Help-a-Cat-Give-Birth
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criffwaisse : it will be ok. she will give birth to the dead cat. thats all
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pneupejed : Rupert Murdoch is one sly Fox.
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ZoomyuttetFem : No, though that's certainly the way the Loyalists are trying to spin it.
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Masiablebag : WTF are you talking about?

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igoroldtemkin : link? source? something?
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