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Molinotuse : I'm trying to pay a medical bill for Planned Parenthood online, but I'm not really sure what my "Patient Account Number" is. Any help?

Much appreciated.
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melekdajre : i have a question. if u do not have a job or money and no medical insurance for an abortion is it still possible to get funding to get an abortion? i am looking for the pill but i dont have the money in case i am prego

plz dont discourage me bout getting an abortion. i dont wanna hear it b/c you dont know my story
i can not give the baby up for adoption b/c my significant other will find out. adoption is not an option for me
and so far noone has answered my question intially
please just answer my question so i know
i dont need anyone's two cents and opinions
just REAL answers that relate to the question on hand
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ringajm150 : i don't care for your story as i don't care for women who can kill babies so easily without a second thought.
However, if you want to go the "cheap" route since life means nothing to you, adoption is a better way to go. There is no cost to you for giving up your child to someone who wants one.

edit: if it's his child then he needs to know. you are completely heartless.
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Groolipioli : if you don't want kids use condoms,birth control or better yet don't have sex and frankly I don't care about your story
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SessNeiny : Are you not sure if you're pregnant or not? Buy a home pregnancy test to find out, it might put your mind at ease.

If so, you can call the clinic where you plan on going for the procedure ahead of time and ask them if it's possible to apply for temporary insurance there on the day of. Tell them you don't have a job. If you are under 18 this might not be possible, I'm not too sure. Look into PCAP, which I believe being pregnant makes you eligible for, and actually covers termination as well.

If you're not pregnant, consider going to a doctor that uses a sliding scale fee so you can get on birth control. Most GYN offices also have free condoms all over the place, you can walk in and just take them sometimes without having an appointment. Paying attention to your menstrual cycles and avoiding sex around the week of mid-cycle (10 to 16 days after day one of your period usually) is another good way to prevent unwanted pregnancy too. Good luck.
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Varvef : Look up Planned Parenthood. They can help.
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momeNemelve : If you are mature and responsible enough to spread your legs and get pregnant you are mature and responsible to pay the butcher to kill the baby on your own.
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inciongqgn : If you try to trade on very short-term (scalper) then yes it may be a problem since this computers are much more efficient and reactive.

Now on the medium and long term it's another story.
Don't forget that so called algorithms caused the fall of one of the supposed greatest hedge funds: Long Term Capital Management.
Ultimately, the stock market is supposed to follow the underlying economy. So far we dont have any economic model able to forecast accurately it. Thus, humans still have a role to play.
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CrycleClomoto : I have had my my vids monetized for a while now and I've had quite a few thousands of views. But I was never asked to input a bank/PayPal account or anything. Just wondering, I YT for fun.
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LagIdogmaCand : The money has been spent, it's gone.
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