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kakaoleokd : I am 17 and will be getting my license within a month. The deal that my dad made with my three brothers and I when my oldest brother started driving was that he would make sure we had a car, and he would pay the insurance, but we have to pay gas. We also have to pay the fine on any tickets we get, and if the insurance rises, we have to pay the difference between what the insurance is and what it was (incentive to drive safely). However, I have a completely packed schedule for the next half year (approximately). I've got a week-long family vacation, and after that, I have two weeks of band camp where I have to teach underclassmen. Once band starts, it consumes my life. I have practice Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6 to start with. As competition season approaches, we have it Tues-Thurs until 6:30. Fridays we perform at football games, and Saturday we compete, so Monday and Sundays are the only days I have off once school starts. With that being said, I'd have such a limited amount of time that I could spend on work that I doubt any place would hire me, especially since I still would like to have time to spend with my boyfriend.
The final result is that I cannot go for a job until the second semester of my senior year.

I really don't want my dad to have to pay my gas until then, even if it does only take my car about $40 to fill completely. He already pays all the other car bills, and all the house bills. Plus, I'd like to be able to start putting money back in the bank. My boyfriend and I, although not engaged YET, do plan on having a future together. We want to be married in 2014, and I'd like to have plenty of time to save.
I'm trying to figure out some gig I could take on to make enough money to put gas in my car and put a little back for my wedding, even if it's only $20 or $30 a week, until I can get a steady, regular job. I'm good at music, and I love animals and kids. If I were to give music lessons to kids, or babysit for someone, how much should I charge?
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paasathkaqaas : I signed up a little while ago, and didn't submit the tax stuff, so that I wouldn't have to claim it, but now I'd like to check my funds, where do I go?
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Flugsoors : I went up into the mts a few weeks ago and since then as time goes by I keep getting bouts of Vertigo. It wasnt serious until like Sunday. I saw my dr yesterday and he prescribed me what he explained were colorful water pills. I'm starting to think the dr thinks I was full of it. My ex-husband from time to time would get it and he would stumble around. Mine hits me when I'm tired and I just feel terrible. I would describe it as being drunk and trying to fight stumbling around. The reason I havent bought the meds is because I have limited funds and I felt like I was buying placebos. What do you guys think? Should I go out and buy this perscription or should I get a second opinion? I did let my dr know I work 10 hr shifts and get off very late at work. I drive myself and I no longer feel comfortable doing that anymore. I have a delayed reaction to everything and get motion sickness
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catherincampese : Who is arguing that BEING rich is wrong? It's being rich and greedy that's wrong.
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ArridoNop : No because the liberals complain all the time about how rich the republicans are. The democrats have money too.
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Accopidanda : Hummm, I would think that they would all pay more in taxes.........yet, they don't do they? Pay their "fair share"?????

Hypocrisy at its best.
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Kerfruirl : i don't support the selfish among the economic elites, regardless of party, so yes, you have a point.
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plaulvavoselt : You do know that there is a definite difference between Democrats and Left wingers/liberals/socialists, don't you?
I just want to get big money out of politics for the sake of democracy.
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ericl2299 : It's a one way street for Democrats... Its ok for them, but not ok for Republicans. Talk about "fairness"
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VummaRoorbVag : I don't know, I haven't seen anyone bash them.

Its hypocritical for cons to complain about there being rich people in the Democratic party though, I thought they keep saying we're all on welfare.
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