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TurnKegedeego : What online medical coding and billing accepts a pell grant

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Neenstookem : None.
These online schools are not accredited.
They are not worth the paper the diploma is written on.
Get a book from your bookstore on how to do medical coding and fill out the diploma on the back yourself
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Genwearagef : from a hedge fund?

My friend in USA paid me for some items with a check from his hedge fund.
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sunlostli5r : Yes, I don't know anyone who has a hedge fund, but as long as they paid me they could do so in nickels.
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qifeng3787 : Dafugg is that?
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alkaclemype : Yes, although I don't know anybody who has a hedge fund.
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yexiyexi019 : Hi everyone. They live in USA

Well they wrote me a check for something I sold to them.

The check was from their hedge fund!
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carliferates : rich
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Shietlewappal : Its for a project for school. I just need to get your opinions and reasons why.
Thanks a billion!
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esyez044 : Ok as "Immoral" as die-hard SVO guys will think this is, my four-cylinder is on it's last leg and I don't have the funds to build a replacement 2.3t. Down the road I fully intend to swap back but it's just not in the budget right now and it would make more sense to drive it with a 302 than scrap it with a turbo 2.3. The main problems I'm encountering right now are wiring and suspension. My plan is a Turbo-coupe 8.8 with a GT differential, to keep the wheels spaced out even with the fronts. What do I use for springs? I feel like the stock ones will sag too much with the extra weight and I think the V8 springs would make it sit like a 4x4. My next question is how would I wire it? If possible I'd like a later model injected 5.0 but I can't use my instrument cluster with the '87-'93 harness. I suppose I could swap the entire interior from my donor car but I just think that the later dash is ugly. Has anyone done this swap before? Any issues I'm over-looking?
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