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WahAvell : I was involved in a car accident with two other cars. the first car pulled to a complete stop, the 2nd car stopped short and hit the first car, and I ran into the 2nd car. My car was the only one that had any serious damage (bent hood, broken windshield). No one had car insurance out of all the drivers and no one had injuries when the medics were looking us over. by TN law, the last car involved in the accident is responsible for the accident. Which was me. Well, the 20 yr old in the 2nd car decided to report an injury after his father shows up and talks to him. I am now being asked to pay for his medical bills and the small damage to his car. What should I do? I do not have the money to pay for this. I also know (because the guy happens to be my cousin's boyfriend's friend) that the guy's father has quite a bit of money due to winning a lawsuit for an injury from a car accident he was involved in a few years ago. I think that his dad is just trying to get his son to get money from me. I know it's a recession, but I feel like I am being scammed and I don't know what to do because legally I am at fault for the accident.

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GGYGYG : You didn't have insurance? First mistake. Lesson learned: GET LIABILITY INSURANCE.

As far as paying the medical bills and repairs, tell them you're not going to pay anything without seeing the paperwork. Tell him point-blank you want to see at least two estimates for vehicle repair (agree to pay the one with the lowest price tag) and you want to see ALL medical records for treatment related to this accident. I'll bet two weeks' salary he'll refuse to produce the medical records. At that point, you say "OK then, I guess I'll see you in court."

P.S.: I believe he will provide estimates of repair, so you need to pay for that or else you can get in serious trouble. But as for the medical costs, there's no rule that says you have to take him at his word that he was really hurt and that all the medical costs he's claiming are legitimate.
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peggyagibsont : i started seeing this guy ...we really hit it off. just as things were going to go to the next step he goes to jail. for the past 8 weeks ive done everything i can to make life easier for him almost going to every visit unless i have work, writing letter as soon as i get them, putting money in his comm. , even starting a fund between friends for his bail and putting the most in, making sure someone goes to every visit and continue to write. up till my except for my last two visits we've kissed goodbye and talk the whole time he was telling everyone to watch out for me and make sure i was okay. our two friends visited before my last two visits and after that everything changed. not sure if they said i was cheating on him or wat (imseriouslyy not) ever since then hes been extremelyy rude to me at every visit not talkingg and acknowledging me not even a happy birthday. the last visit hedidn'tt even look at me would look at the other visitor when he would answer my questions. literally i felt pathetic and unwanted the whole time. i no idon'tt deserve this but a part of me wants to be with him and stick by him and ask him why he treated me like that. another part wants to tell him to peace and not say anything see if he will. i dontt think he will i need advice on what to do . i dontt want him to know how much this bugs me but i do i dont want to seem clingy but i want him to care if im distant, i dont no i need advice and some music....anything to do with this topic... even if its letting go and moving on thanks
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ontognoks : Only you can make your decision. I can say "been there done that; never going back"! When the guy I was seeing was locked up and acting distant....the reason was because he thought he had something better waiting for him. Ask your self "is this the lifestyle you want for yourself?" You will know when you have had enough. You don't owe anybody anything. This man is not your child, you are not obligated to take care if him. Remember your worth and how you deserve to be treated. Women's intuition is seldom wrong! Pray for guidance.
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NemCrekseraseb : Me Myself & I- Beyonce
Ex-Factor- Lauryn Hill
Kiss and Say Goodbye-The Manhattens
Landslide-Stevie Nicks
Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart- Alicia Keys
Back To Black- Amy Winehouse
I Gotta Go My Own Way- Vanessa Hudgens (Don't hate)
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esyez044 : Hi everyone. They live in USA

Well they wrote me a check for something I sold to them.

The check was from their hedge fund!
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aneloToma : no
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Jennitin79 : There seems to be a lot of argument that Australia should limit the number of migrants because they are "taking jobs from Australians". Is this really true?

Only 5% of Australians are without a job, and of those, how many because they simply don't want to work?

Also, can't people simply create their own work anyway. I've seen people knock door to door offering to wash cars or clean houses make a decent living. If you haven't got a job and want one; what is stopping you?

If you lack the skills to find the job you want, you can get educated at TAFE or University without having to pay for it until you start earning enough money. In the case of TAFE, job assist programs will fund course fees outright.

So, with just 5% unemployment, why are some Australians so worried about migrants taking jobs?
I live in the centre of one of the capitals, Uncle Bob.
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Evissezed : I take it that you don't live in the city right?
If you do well then open your eyes.It's happening lad.Yes there's are some lazy Aussies that doesn't wanna work cos off their drugs problems but who brings these drugs?ASIANS PEOPLE.And they are getting wealthy from it.So no wonder they are buying the houses and companies here with their filthy money.That's a fact.Cheers
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Evissezed : First check to see if where you work has a 401k plan
and if it does, join into it as a saving vehicle for later
in life. If not start investing into a mutual fund company
like Fidelity or Vanguard along with a Roth IRA.
Keep a small amount in savings for emergency use.
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