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Apapyskyday : i have been with my husband for 26yrs we were happy at least i thought. 4 months ago i got a phone call for someone telling me he was cheating with a girl from his work i asked him of course he said he wasnt so i looked in our cell phone logs and sure enough i found her number this person is 18yrs old. the day he moved out he moved in with her we have 3kids and 3 grandkids he dont call them or see them he left me in dept not to mention the cell phone bill he ran up 18400.00 I am so lost and hurt i just want to be happy like he is i will never take him back. how can i get over this
to all u people that think i am laying u can go to hell i am not alayerr and my storie isTruee. ididn'tt ididn'tt ask a ? for u to put me down or call me a lire i wouldn't laying about something like this and i have the proof if u want to see it...

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Android Phones : Therapy would do it for me...and I would make sure he had to pay for it as he is the root cause of your problems right now.

What an a$s he is...
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nhedukoc : You want to be happy like he is? Don't worry, he won't be happy with her for long. If he left you in a great amount of debt (in addition to running up a huge cell bill), then that debt is his as well. No 18 year old is sticking with a 50something year old that has no money.

Get a good lawyer and make sure he gets stuck with most of the bills that he created. If he really left his wife of 26 years, in debt, to go be with an 18 year old girl, the court is not going to be kind to him.
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Sleeryrub : straight and to the point,until you get over him you will live in a life of torment and emotional pain.
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Blisdibly : Sweetheart, have you ever heard that life goes on? It does, so all you should do is follow Dori's advice and 'Just keep swimming.' Also, you have to understand that rushing into another relationship will not help at all. If you're not happy single, you wont be happy in a relationship because relationships are like band-aids: you put them on the wound, and sometimes, when you take it off the wound is infected and worse than before. Be sure to do nothing stupid. Be happy with life and everything that is in it. I wish you a happy life.
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maymnarcabyJG : Think practically--he just did you a favor.
File for divorce and go after what you're entitled to.
You will get over this with time but it will probably always sting.
My bet is he's high off whatever 'lovesick' feeling he has but it will wear off soon because come on, she is eighteen. What in the heck could they possibly have in common? Ad he moved in with her? Where? To her dorm? Her parents house? He's an idiot.
Do not call him or speak to him about anything unless it's the children or divorce. Tell him you're not interested in talking to him or being friends, you just want him out of your life.
You are so much better off, lady.
See a divorce lawyer today.
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Plaidedem : Dear, use your common sense, any man his age that dates or marries an 18 yr old is not a sane man. So your lost is really your gain! That 18 yr old is just in an experimental stage.
I got lost in the money amount you posted on the phone bill. Talk to the company, get a relationships advisor and a lawyer...NOW.
Stop telling yourself mentally that he is happy. He is living a dream that won't last...the old fool.
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Coinfunlink : I dont know what to say, you much be so upset and hurt by him. Some men just don't deserve decent women! At least he's out your life now though and you can move on. x
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zakladykliczko : Since your story is so fake, here is your answer. I would recommend that you start turning tricks on the street corner to pay off your $18,400.00 cell phone bill and you will soon forget all about the pain.

Good luck.
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majkhnxm : [WHAT TO DO]:>> Block him PHYSICALLY from every goddamn book there is about the face to the leg! Cut his phone. DO NEVER EVER respond to his emails, SMS. NO MATTER WHAT!

SHOUT "NEXXXT!": many times, till someone pleases you & is here to STAY! YOU CALL the SHOTS here! Duh!

GET SOME SELF-RESPECT DUDETTE! I'LL GIVE YOU SOME RIGHT AWAY- You're the WOMAN! You're the coolest thing that has seen & his BLINDNESS, DUMB-HEAD or EVOLUTION AIN'T your concern/problem! KICK HIM (not physically). KICK HIM AWAY LIKE FOOTBALL. LOAD it with S.T.Y.L.E.

[It's JUST a "MISMATCH" >> "WHAT breakup?!"]
<The T-SHIRT ANALOGY>: At a mall you see a REALLY artistic, exotic, uber-cool T-Shirt(guy). You think THIS IS 'THE ONE'! You almost buy (marry) it to live happily eva after, but Oops! turns out it's 3(THREE) whole sizes smaller than yours. WHADYA DO?! Put it back to where you picked it from & ShOuT "NEXT!" - THAT'S WHAT!

<The KEYS ANALOGY>: Picture tryin keys(guys) from a bunch to open this door. You pick a key, HOPE it "works", but it DOES NOT! OMG! WHADYADO NOW?! Drop It & Pick The NEXT! THAT'S WHAT! You waste NO time to sit & brood over "Why didn't the key OPEN it for me?" YOU'RE the DOOR! not some KEY! You hold back NUMEROUS GIFTS inside you! This person is ONE of the keys. If this key can't open it- 2BAD, it'll NEVER see your GIFTS! LAUGH! The KEY "MOVES ON"! The DOOR(YOU) STAYS PUT! YOU CALL THE SHOTS!
Ts! Keys! MOVE ONN! Somebody ShOuT "NEXT!"

[PAUSE & PONDER...]:>> Why would you treat ANYONE on priority when you're NOT their priority?
Why would you live with ANYONE that DOESN'T like your company? Why in the HE.CK would you enjoy theirs?
If he doesn't enjoy you, WHY WOULD YOU enjoy him NOT enjoying you? or ENJOY HIM AT ALL?!
If he's OK with it, why EVER would you NOT be OK?! If he DOESN’T want it, why EVA would YOU?
If HE DOESN'T mind it, WHY DO YOU?! Why would you need ANYONE that DOESN'T need you? WHA:O? whY.EVER?!
If HE DOESN'T WANT you, why EVER would you? Why would you care if HE DIDN'T care?
Why would you be with someone that's A-OK with FAILING YOU, LETTING YOU DOWN?:O WHY IN THE ACTUAL HE.CK WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

Your house(relationship) is broken so that it can be built anew with newer better things(new girl perhaps). So that it can be made stronger, better than ever before. That's how "renovation" works!

[BEATING 'HER+HIM']:>> Be a LIONESS. WHAT the hell needs HIM?! Seeing him with 'her'? on fb? KNOW THIS: IT'S NOT YOU! How could he EVER have YOUR(you+him) kinda fun with a SUBSTITUTE of YOURS? YOU+HIM is what you think is rosy, NOT HER+HIM! LOL!


SNAP outa it! NOW! People THAT care, NNEVERR give you up! STAY PUT. KKICK HIM!

[GETTIN A GRIP OVER HIS THOUGHTS]:>> His thoughts are ECHOES.They HAPPEN to you - UNLIKE RADIO CHANNELS! They're garbage stink, unpleasant & pungent, staying even after the garbage truck's gone. But that's just what garbage DOES! IT'S NOT YOU! You walk past a street with garbage & smell stink! You didn't plan on it! So too, you didn't plan to have his thoughts! It's not your fault if you smell garbage :) Would u eva argu wth garbg fr doin wat it dus best- STINK? Keep walking, toward fragrance. [SING ALOT], Get REALLY BUSY with things. Thoughts've GOTTA FADE.

You're JUST fine without him. You still have skin and are breathing. The "breakup" didn't even touch you! You din't/don't EVER need him at all! Trust it. Your self confidence, courage to live fully without him, to show him this, & that you don't care a damn about him, IS success in this dirty mind game!

Long relationship? It's the old houses that're broken to bits to create newer mansions of light, laughter & clarity.

It's just a guy. Some cells, skin, arranged a certain way, period! Breathe deep. DUMP HIM, at every level. Let him down. Show him, his place. You can do this. After kicking him royally, you have to help MANY who are in the same state(or worse) as you now, & need help. It's ALL FOR THEM. This whole event is JUST so that you come out of it 100% SUCCESSFUL, tell & share your learnings, experiences & help these people. This is (your secret mission), the final PURPOSE behind the whole situation that's in front of you now.

"Some blessings shatter all glasses & windows when they arrive" -- This is sum V.HARD experience in words. Let's say I went through it exclusively 4 you! Tym 4 U nw 2 spread sum LIGHT! Power 2 u!
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