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evaBorkJeoke : I would rather have corporations up-front about their donations. Otherwise they will find other ways to get the money to the politicians.
This way we know.

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qndrew2012 : If it means fewer robo calls from politicians - then I'm all for it.
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clotofewoDoy : agree
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FrardAlulatag : I believe that all donations should go into one fund.
Then that fund is split equally between the candidates.

When the money runs out. IT RUNS OUT.

This will stop any candidate from BUYING the office.

lobbyists should be band.

In Government. You give me this and I will give you that.. hidden in any bill should be illegal.
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cragfargo : Getting sound and impartial financial advice on savings and investments is important and you will learn about different financial services and how these can help when making critical personal financial decisions. The unit aims to Develop knowledge and understanding of different financial products and services available, showing the benefits and risks involved when making investment or borrowing decisions.

Evidence you must produce:
•A powerpoint that outlines the various sources of advice including their purposes.
•A report describing the financial products and services you are likely to use in your life-time.
•An in-depth analysis of the different features of financial products and services relating to current saving accounts for 14-16 year olds with recommendations.

This is a Powerpoint presentation i Have to do, Im so stuck my Deadline's On Monday.
Can somebody Please Give me a Little bit of an Idea How to start, Please and Thankyou.
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DapoXetine : This sounds like a lot of work.
Presumably you know how to do a powerpoint presentation , so you only need to decide on the content.
You can get help by looking at any banks web site and see what financial products are available and you could copy some " in depth analysis of their features like being tax free ".
How ever you need to start and do some work for yourself.
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Makvsell1887 : I won't lie, I'm very scared. I've heard many horror stories about them but I live all alone here and I simply don't have the funds..
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overneHalevex : do you have a dentist you have seen in the past? some might let you make payments as long as you can pay some up front, worth calling them to ask
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VurripsypeRip : The stories were maybe true, it is serious. Eventually the pain will stop for a while as the nerve dies, the decay will continue though. When it does start again it would be very very dangerous. Ask at the dental hospital, they teach students about such conditions and may do it for free.
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engescues : If its an abscess you either need to have the tooth removed or you need a root canal treatment. The problem will not resolve itself.
What you can do is try and find a dental school in your area. They will offer cheaper dental care because they are still learning. It's all supervised the only difference is that it will usually take a lot more time to have the procedure completed.
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