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DalVelmactill : I have a friend I am worried about. We are in California. He is an attorney and one of his clients died and left him as conservator of what money he had left, about $150,000. He mentioned to me that he wanted to just keep it all. The client had a huge amount of creditors. Not sure if they know about the account. Anyway my attorney friend has been taking out funds and putting them in his personal account for a couple years now. No billings or records, just taking out what he needs. I am really worried that this is wrong and that he will get into trouble. Feedback?
he says the monies are from his handling of the account and that all he has neglected is writing up the bills for the withdrawls could that be a possibility?

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emapseassew : AAAhh yeah. Disbarment at a minimum. If not criminal prosecution as well, And the civil trial by the heirs of the estate.
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JeffJY : Why didn't they discover these shovel ready bridge and road repair jobs during the stimulus program?

Now they call it "investment in infrastructure" instead of Stimulus

With a couple of hundred billion left in the stimulus why don't they just do them now? No need for Congress to approve it because the funds are already allocated!
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igorisbar : Less than 10% of the porkulous bill went to rebuild infrastructure.
Most went to "green companies" that took the billions of dollars and promptly went out of business.
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Cobfetattaima : Maxine Waters said they need another trillion dollars for it. The Tea Party will never go for that. Of course, then Obama will say they are obstructing job creation. If by some miracle this is passed, the jobs will only go to union workers as one of the strings to getting a piece of that big pie.
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stuartfish : UHHH?...?,there was that thing,wait ....oh

oh never mind...
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esyez021 : If I told you, Joe from texas, would you stop pontificating a cause that is destroying the country and go back to work? Somehow I doubt it.
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xiaozh5p : I certainly recall "shovel ready jobs" were part of the stimulus...then months later when asked obama stated, "I learned one thing there's no such thing as a shovel ready job."

What Obama learned about was government bureaucracy that he through his term thus far has added a shit load more of it new government regulations. What all of his new rhetoric means to me is more of the same lies, deceptions and failures. You are very correct there is plenty of stimulus left unspent to upstart the economy if Obama truly wanted to. Hell, who knows maybe after all this time he has finally figured out how to get a shovel in someones hands.
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afteneunladdy : i did to purchase some items of net, thing is tht they all accerpt paypal nw adays, in most sites..
jst wana knw by wot means i cn transfer tht funds to paypal, wit low fees charged..

ur help will b highly appreciated ..thnx
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scoorrido : 2
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