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ykxhwzjy :

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Genwearagef : Assuming there are two types of investments - shares & debentures, securities and bonds.

If people invest in shares then they gain because when there is inflation, prices rise and as a result, the companies give out more of their money to investors. In case of securities and bonds, there is no linkage between them and prices of commodities so investors in shares are neither losers or gainers. They might 'lose' in the sense that they get the same return as they used to before inflation and as commodity prices have increased their purchasing power decreases because of stagnant returns from securities.

Costs, obviously increase during inflation as prices of raw materials needed to produce goods increase. This again leads to a rise in the prices of finished goods. So both the consumer and the producer are at a loss in such a situation. The consumer has to pay a higher price, while the producer forgoes a higher profit and also has the burden of taxes upon him.

If you read the concept of business cycles, then inflation results in recession tendencies. It is because when prices of raw materials increase, producers have to cut wages and salaries, decrease borrowings from banks and even cut employment as a last resort to save their industries. This results in lower wages, higher unemployment, lesser bank borrowings and the business cycle comes to a halt resulting in a general pessimism in the economy.
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jiniaSown : I want to be an investor, somewhere along the lines of day trading, buying selling and trading stocks, bonds etc. My dream would be to a hedge fund manager one day down the road, but i am not sure which degree I should pursue. I was thinking either business administration or economics. Any advice on which one to declare as my major? I start college next year so I do have time to change.
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uggoutletbootswo : Economics or Finance.
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treponaciyacharto : Finance. Business administration is too general if that is truly what you want to do. Economics probably does not offer enough courses in finance.
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ibwrmcmr : Finance is the best choice for you.

Economics is a social science/liberal art...the courses, though enlightening, are based in theory rather than practical application. And Business Admin is too general, so it wouldn't give you the finance courses that you need.
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cheahrone : Those guys go there, and they observed women there very carefully. They also have intense discussions of those subjects, particularly in Gynecological related stuff.

They also support those women with lots of Funding too...

So those 2 Institutions should have the Right of getting Government support those male students...
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abassykax : They're used in training to join the FBI.
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gorjitienMito : Yes it's good for guys like you to go and learn how to act like a woman. If you dress right you'll find your 'partner'. For the night anyway.

BTW most strip clubs are all nude now.
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JohnMalkovitzch : I want buy branded jewellery offered by the famous jewellery brand tresor paris. But I have heard that there are several fake websites which are selling fake replica of this brand and thereby cheating the customers. Can anyone provide me with the links of the genuine stores or on-line shop from where I can buy them.
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