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stainsfaf : Which economic problem did many Latin American nations face in the years following World War II?
(Points : 3)
lack of investment capital

a large middle class

low agricultural output

small populations

2. Which was an effect of industrialization in Latin American nations during the postwar years?
(Points : 3)
the rise of caudillos

rising urban unemployment

more emphasis on farming

decreased global trade

3. Which was not a reason for U.S. intervention in Latin America during the Cold War era?
(Points : 3)
Allende's rise in Chile

Sandinista control of Nicaragua

Argentina's invasion of the Falkland Islands

civil war in El Salvador

4. Which was not a result of U.S. intervention in Latin America during the Cold War era?
(Points : 3)
Fighting intensified against the guerillas in El Salvador.

War between the Contras and Sandinistas in Nicaragua intensified.

Communism disappeared from Latin America.

The military took control of Chile.

5. Which Latin American nation was controlled by Fidel Castro?
(Points : 3)



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LoffVonosoomy : 1,a




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enzypsusy : I have a house for rent in CA and my property manager is using my security deposit to pay for things and then using the tenants rent to pay it back without informing me. They are using it to clean the house when it was already clean, and for things like that. So when the rent check comes to me I am seeing maybe 400 dollars if I see anything at all. Some people have told me it is illegal to comingle funds like this but I can't find the civil code to state. Please HELP!!!
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ArelsPeally : They cannot. By law security deposits much go into an escrow account so that they are awaiting return pending the final walk-through when a tenant moves out.
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Enrinueexpess : No they cannot touch the security deposit at all. The only time the security deposit can be used is to be returned to the tenant, or deducted expenses for damage etc at time of tenant moving out minus the difference back (some states/provinces do not even allow that).

It sounds like it's time to look for a better property manager because clearly this one doesn't understand basic real estate laws that any new real estate agent would know.
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zakladykliczko : Yes, co-mingling funds IS illegal. You need to fire them, sue them & report them to the real estate agency.
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dubaimady : they want to blame religion because they hate it

yes it was the fall of the roman empire
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yanggang044 : Perhaps because it was when the Church was at its most powerful-est at that time.
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Alexesshedrin : it didn't in fact in italy christianity brought art culture and new inventions to Europe. (Renaissance)
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esyez021 : the church established themselves after the fall of rome. they became powerful during the dark ages.

rome brought about its own demise through corruption. after rome fell, europe lost its stability, people became poor, and disease a major problem. the church rose up because there was a lack of opposition and it provided the peasants with stability and protection.
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